IBS sensors

Act in good time – With intelligent battery sensors from HELLA.


Weak batteries are one of the main reasons why vehicles break down. Efficient energy management is therefore of great importance. The intelligent battery sensors (IBS) from HELLA can make a significant contribution toward this objective.


HELLA is the global market and innovation leader when it comes to intelligent battery sensors and applies its OE competency in this area to the independent aftermarket. You therefore also profit from the expert knowledge and electronics competency of HELLA in the independent aftermarket – Everything in top quality for a successful business!


  • Over 30 million intelligent battery sensors sold, with production experience since 2000
  • HELLA is one of the leading electronics suppliers in the automotive original equipment sector and transfers know-how to the independent aftermarket
  • Available for 12 V
  • Versatile design and support for numerous battery models
  • Direct integration in the vehicle electrical system via the LIN protocol
  • Reliable measurement of the parameters: state of charge (SOC), battery health (SOH) and calculation of expected starting ability (SOF)
  • Precise shunt-based measurement of current within high voltage applications and batteries with insulation
  • High parts availability
  • HELLA commercial sensors are a 100% replacement for the product originally installed in the vehicle


Hella catalog app

With our catalog app, you can find HELLA products for passenger and commercial vehicles quickly and easily. The intuitive user prompting will lead you to the right result in a few steps -- incredibly easy and straightforward: simply choose vehicle type, brand and model and suitable HELLA products will be displayed for you. The results are presented clearly and sorted according to assemblies and product areas. You can also view additional information, images, technical data and product comparisons.

Short info. as PDF download

Information on various products in one database.

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Vehicle-specific spare parts

Recambios para vehículos específicos

You can easily find our online catalog concept. You can thus for example enter the respective vehicle via our comprehensive manufacturer list, its type designation or the engine code.


And for additional information, we provide all crucial product information, such as

  • article information,
  • assembly instructions,
  • safety data sheets or
  • OE numbers

at the same time.

Vehicle-specific spare parts

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