Opel Astra H: replace thermostat

Data sheet
Vehicle modelAstra H
Engine1.7 CDTi
Engine codeZ17DTR / A17DTR
Model year2007 - 2010
Please noteThe coolant thermostat has been concealed below the intake manifold.

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Opel Astra H: replacing the thermostat including instructions and note

In the Opel Astra H, the coolant thermostat has been concealed below the intake manifold. 


Proceed as follows to remove it:

  • Disconnect the battery (potentially write down the radio code before you disconnect the battery)
  • Remove the battery and battery bracket (Fig. 1)
  • Remove the hose and lid from the thermostat housing


You can now see the thermostat (Fig. 2) and replace it. 


The coolant temperature sensor has been installed to the left of the thermostat. Pay particular attention to the short coolant hose behind it. In some cases, it has been damaged, thus causing a leak that is hard to find.


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