Groundbreaking innovations for the mobility of the future

Experience a fascinating insight into groundbreaking developments that are shaping the future of mobility with FORVIA HELLA. From visionary lighting concepts to pioneering driver assistance systems and electronic solutions – FORVIA HELLA is shaping the megatrends of tomorrow and showcasing innovations that set standards.

Future trends on the automotive market: FORVIA HELLA is shaping the transformation on the independent aftermarket

The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation, with a particular focus on the independent aftermarket. FORVIA HELLA parts are already in operation in every second vehicle worldwide and the company is shaping key megatrends within the automotive industry with six company-owned business divisions. HELLA, an essential part of the FORVIA umbrella brand, complements this with competent electronics and lighting OEM expertise. These developments reflect the trend towards sustainable and autonomous vehicles. Strong growth is forecast for the automotive market in China in particular, while electric vehicles are becoming increasingly more important in Europe. Workshops are therefore faced with the challenge of adapting to new technologies and changing market conditions. We support workshops with customised solutions and training courses to ideally prepare them for future challenges.

High-voltage expertise: beam me up. Next dimension of e-mobility

The vehicle industry is facing a major transformation, with electromobility playing a key role. With its comprehensive electromobility OEM expertise, HELLA is ideally positioned to offer innovative solutions for electric and hybrid drive variants. With more than 20 years of experience in vehicle electrification – from intelligent battery sensors to complex battery management and power electronics systems – HELLA provides pivotal support to the independent aftermarket. The focus here is on delivering expertise and high-quality products for the challenges of electromobility, while, at the same time, the comprehensive electronics range makes a significant contribution to Group sales.

Ready for e-mobility

Autonomous driving: when fiction becomes reality

The automotive industry is about to reach another milestone: autonomous driving. FORVIA HELLA is actively shaping these megatrends. As an original equipment manufacturer, we are at the forefront of driving the transformation of mobility forward. In this way we are decisively contributing towards increasing the autonomy of vehicle functions that can make the roads safer and driving on them even more comfortable. The range includes assistance systems that take control of driver functions to fully autonomous vehicles in which drivers become passengers. Technologies are constantly evolving and partly autonomous vehicles are already a reality on the market. In this context, HELLA relies on innovative radar sensors and environment detection systems to increase safety and efficiency. This trend promises not only more comfort and convenience, but also more sustainable vehicle use and greater road safety.

ADAS - transforming the automotive industry

Digitalisation of light 2.0: FORVIA HELLA revolutionises automotive lighting technology

FORVIA HELLA is showcasing groundbreaking lighting technologies that are geared towards the megatrends of the automotive industry, such as electrification, sustainability, individualisation and autonomous driving. HELLA is setting new standards with products such as the Front Phygital Shield, a system that redefines the vehicle front, as well as the innovative Digital FlatLight, a synonym for energy efficiency and high performance. A particular highlight is the SSL | HD technology, which ensures safety, comfort and convenience thanks to high-resolution pixels. These advances in lighting technology contribute to safer, more efficient and individualised mobility. FORVIA HELLA is shaping the future of driving and bringing these innovations to the aftermarket.

Workshop for the future: services, data and equipment from HELLA and Hella Gutmann

The automotive industry is evolving at a rapid pace, particularly in the context of sensors, ADAS components and lighting. The HELLA and Hella Gutmann brands are pooling their expertise to optimally prepare workshops for the challenges of the future. With precise adjustment methods for ADAS components and innovative solutions for lighting systems, they not only increase road safety, but also help workshops to efficiently manage complex repair processes. By combining technological expertise and practical application, they offer workshops comprehensive services and equipment to meet the requirements of modern vehicles.

Workshop equipment