Brake fluid

Hella Pagid's comprehensive product range contains four brake fluids that can be used individually and are optimized with safety in mind:


  • DOT 3 Brake Fluid should be used in brake and clutch systems where the vehicle manufacturer recommends this fluid.
  • DOT 4 Brake Fluid is recommended for brake and clutch systems with synthetic fluid (including ABS).
  • DOT 4 PRO Brake Fluid brake fluid is recommended for all vehicles featuring modern safety systems, such as electronic stability programs/traction control systems.
  • DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid meets even the most stringent standards and is recommended for all vehicles featuring the latest safety and brake systems.


Hella Pagid brake fluids are available in the following container sizes:

  • 1 item: 20L canister DOT 4
  • 4 items: 5L DOT 4 & DOT 4 Pro canister
  • 10 items: 1L DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 4 Pro bottle
  • 24 items: 0.5L & 0.25L DOT 4 bottle

Over time brake fluid absorbs water from hoses, seals, etc., which may reduce its boiling point and impair braking performance. For this reason, it is important to check the brake fluid regularly and change it at least every 2 years.


Please use only the fluid that is specified on the service record or reservoir! Using the brake fluid specified by the vehicle manufacturer is generally recommended.


BrakeGuide – Spare part catalog for brake

Thanks to the portal's optimized user interface, the BrakeGuide enables customers to identify brake parts, such as disc brake pads, brake drums or brake discs, from the Hella Pagid range in a targeted and intuitive manner.


The BrakeGuide is based on weekly updated TecDoc data and offers many different functions:

  • Vehicle search
  • Article search
  • Expert search
  • Product comparisons
  • Individual catalog creation

Material safety data sheets

According to REACH regulation 1907/2006 from December 18, 2006, this site contains the relevant safety data sheet for your HELLA PAGID product.
The data sheets are updated whenever changes are made.

Material safety data sheets

The HELLA PAGID BrakeGuide app

The HELLA PAGID BrakeGuide app enables a quick and safe spare parts identification and provides user-friendly search functions. Items can now be looked up using the Hella Pagid article number, Pagid short code, OE number, competitor number or KBA number and all this can also be done while you are out and about. It is furthermore possible to use the vehicle or expert searches.

Technical product information

In this database, you will find technical information about our products and certain vehicle systems -- prepared by experienced technicians and mechanics.

Technical product information

Topical videos

HELLA PAGID - The Brake Specialist

As a global player, HELLA PAGID is among the leading and innovative braking system providers on the
free parts market.

Brake test

Our test are conducted not only according to the manufacturer rules but also according to firmly defined standards and special requirement specifications.

Test runs

Grossglockner, Austria and Stilfser Joch, Italy.