Brake discs

During the development process for Hella Pagid brake linings, the brake disc – the direct friction partner to the linings – is inevitably taken into account. Hella Pagid brake discs and Hella Pagid brake linings are therefore perfectly matched to each other in terms of safety, comfort, and service life, thus forming the perfect friction pair. Our range includes more than 1,450 brake discs. We thereby cover almost 97% of the automotive market in Western Europe.


We also supply a complete range of rear brake discs with integrated wheel bearings and ABS sensors for special vehicle models. Locating screw sets are also available as part of our range.


  • Unique performance - For maximum safety and performance of your vehicle
  • Narrow production tolerances acc. to OE guidelines for ensuring highest quality
  • Optimally coordinated to Hella Pagid brake pads regarding safety, comfort and service life
  • Delivery with protective oil against corrosion formation


BrakeGuide – Spare part catalog for brake

Thanks to the portal's optimized user interface, the BrakeGuide enables customers to identify brake parts, such as disc brake pads, brake drums or brake discs, from the Hella Pagid range in a targeted and intuitive manner.


The BrakeGuide is based on weekly updated TecDoc data and offers many different functions:

  • Vehicle search
  • Article search
  • Expert search
  • Product comparisons
  • Individual catalog creation

Material safety data sheets

According to REACH regulation 1907/2006 from December 18, 2006, this site contains the relevant safety data sheet for your HELLA PAGID product.
The data sheets are updated whenever changes are made.

Material safety data sheets

The HELLA PAGID BrakeGuide app

The HELLA PAGID BrakeGuide app enables a quick and safe spare parts identification and provides user-friendly search functions. Items can now be looked up using the Hella Pagid article number, Pagid short code, OE number, competitor number or KBA number and all this can also be done while you are out and about. It is furthermore possible to use the vehicle or expert searches.

Technical product information

In this database, you will find technical information about our products and certain vehicle systems -- prepared by experienced technicians and mechanics.

Technical product information