Radar sensors

HELLA has been manufacturing radar sensors in the 24 GHz narrow-band range for over a decade. Back in 2005, HELLA introduced the first generation of 24 GHz radar sensors. The sensor system is compatible with the now established standard functions of blind spot detection, lane change assistant and rear parking assistance. 


The radar sensor senses and evaluates speed, angle and distance information with respect to objects up to 70 meters behind the vehicle. The LFMSK (linear frequency modulation shift keying) method has been used in this application ever since the first generation of devices.


When this method is applied, the distance and relative speed of multiple targets can be measured and determined with just one signal (chirp) whose frequency changes over time.


The third radar generation uses an advanced FM variant whose modulation bandwidth is limited to max. 200 MHz. The system operates at an average transmission power of 13 dBm (EIRP) in a frequency band between 24.05 and 24.25 GHz. The resulting spatial resolution of 0.75 m is suitable for the rear-vehicle functions implemented.


The monopulse method is used for determining angles. The system carries out a phase comparison of the radar reflections across the different receiving paths using specific signal-processing approaches.


The fourth generation of radar sensors integrates an additional safety function ─ the exit assistant. This makes it possible to detect dangerous situations (e.g. passing vehicles) at an early stage before exiting the vehicle as well as warn vehicle occupants.


Universal parts - spare parts that are not vehicle specific

Universal parts - spare parts that are not vehicle specific

The universal parts catalogue allows you to search specifically for products that are not vehicle specific, from the areas of Lighting and Electrics/Electronics.

The focus is placed on the following target groups:

  • Trucks,
  • Trailers,
  • Agricultural vehicles/construction equipment and
  • Buses/caravans.
Universal parts catalogue

Vehicle-specific spare parts

Easy searching is the concept of our online catalogue. This means that you can enter the relevant vehicle by using our comprehensive manufacturer list, the type designation or the engine code.

And as an added extra, we provide all key product information, such as

  • part numbers,
  • installation instructions,
  • safety data sheets and
  • OE numbers

all at the same time.

Vehicle-specific spare parts

Hella catalogue app

Hella catalogue app

Our catalogue app lets you find HELLA products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles quickly and easily. Intuitive user prompting will lead you to the right result in a few steps ─ an easy, straightforward process. Simply select the vehicle type, make and model, and the appropriate HELLA products will be displayed for you right away. The results are clearly presented, sorted by assembly and product group. They also allow you to view additional information, images and technical data so that you can compare products.

Brief information as PDF download

Brief information as PDF download

Information on various products in one database.

Brief information

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