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Model year: 2006 - 2007

Condensation in interior

On the above vehicles, a blocked condensation drain in the air-conditioning system can lead to an ingress of water in the vehicle interior.

If significant levels of humidity ingression are noticed in the interior (carpets), a blocked condensation drain should be considered as a potential cause.

Accessing the condensation drain is a highly complex task.

In addition to the example procedures described here, other, manufacturer-specific information will always be required. Depending on the model and variant (2WD/4WD), it may be possible to use the following procedure.

  • Lift the vehicle up using a lifting platform
  • Clip out the electrical cable for the O2 sensor
  • Unscrew the exhaust from each part of the Y-pipe and prop up
  • Remove the transmission support and prop up the transmission
  • Remove the front drive shaft (all-wheel drive only)
  • Lower the transmission a few centimeters
  • If necessary, remove the gear lever

You can see the condensation drain if you stand on the transmission side and look at the vehicle undercarriage, above the transmission (see drawings).

You can now clean the grommet for the condensation drain using a long, blunt object or replace it with a modified version. For more information, please contact your authorized dealer.

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