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Engine code: J35A8 and J37A3

VIN no.: from JHMKB16***7C204109


Scratching and knocking noises in the area of the windshield

If the above-mentioned problem is detected, one possible cause may be the windshield wiper system and/or the wiper blades.

In such a case a faulty wiper arm (on the driver's side) is responsible for the noise generation.

Repair notes

First inspect the windshield wiper mechanism in order to check for any other form of malfunctioning and then repair if necessary.

Replace windshield wiper arm and also the wiper blade (on the driver's side) in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's instructions.

Spare parts:

- Wiper arm (right) OE no. 76600-SJA-E02

- Wiper arm (left) OE No. 76600-SJA-G02

- Wiper blade (right) OE No. 76620-SJA-E02

- Wiper blade (left) OE no. 76620-SJA-G02

Finally a test drive should be undertaken in order to run a check on the repair work.


Please note that such repair work should only be carried out by an authorized specialist workshop and that the vehicle manufacturer's repair and maintenance instructions are to be observed!

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