Two KTM series models equipped with HELLA lamps in the future


Whatever the motorcycle – for touring or racing: Lighting is an important factor. Not only does it determine the overall appearance – it also makes a significant contribution to safety. The key here is to consider the special requirements. This is because motorcycles only have very little installation space. In addition, the lamps must withstand high vibrations and not exceed a defined total weight. Together with the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM, HELLA has developed a holistic motorcycle lamp concept. Shaping the new "face" of the motorcycles, this concept is going into series production in the 990 Duke and 1390 Super Duke R models.


The keypoints in short 

  • Lamp concept for KTM combines a low and high beam, daytime running light and position light
  • Focused lighting performance, expressive and eye-catching
  • Specially designed HELLA lens system based on the HELLA M60 LED module
  • Optimum focusing of the light from the LEDs – precisely on the area the driver needs to see
  • Ultra-compact HELLA Module 60 LED main headlamp series supplemented by further high-performance products




The new lamp concept – focused lighting performance, expressive and eye-catching

The lamp concept for KTM is based on the HELLA M60 LED module. The lens system, specially developed by HELLA, concentrates the light from the LEDs and directs it precisely to the area that the driver needs to see. "The module brings a lot of light output onto the road despite its small size and, at the same time, offers many options for creating an individual design," says Stefan van Dalen, Managing Director of Lifecycle Solutions at HELLA.

The low and high beam LED lamps are open-mounted and flanked by powerful daytime running light and position light elements with automatic dimming. Yet the lamp is about 700 grams lighter than the "split face" shape that was typical for KTM up to now.  The concept was then put to industrial use and transferred to two different motorcycle models. The lamp was developed at HELLA Fahrzeugteile Austria. Production also started in Austria. 

Together with KTM, the industrial design specialists at HELLA developed the lamp to customer specifications. The result is a characteristic, almost threatening appearance.


KTM 990 DUKE with new HELLA lamp.


The new KTM 990 DUKE boasts a completely new look, with aggressive lines and design elements that immediately convey POWER! The new, lightweight LED lamps from HELLA strengthen this look and turn every night into day. The daytime running light automatically adjusts its intensity to the light conditions in the surroundings. What’s extremely practical is that the automatic low beam stays on for a short time even after the bike has been parked. With 123 hp and 103 Nm in a completely new frame, an adjustable WP APEX suspension and fine-tuned electronics, it is the lightest, sharpest and most powerful mid-range NAKED motorcycle to ever bear the DUKE name.

KTM 1390 Super DUKE R

KTM 1390 Super Duke R with new HELLA lamp.


Light up the darkness: The new LED lamp not only brings bright light into the darkness – it also gives the KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R a striking appearance. This is strengthened by the characteristic daytime running lights, whose intensity automatically adjusts to the light conditions in the surroundings, the automatic low beam, which stay on for a few seconds after the ignition is switched off, and the lamps, which feature animations to greet the driver.

The KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R is the indisputable alpha of NAKED bikes – and it shows off its dominance fiercely thanks to superb equipment and with every twist of the throttle.


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