The perfect solution for new specifications within DIN EN 1501-1: HELLA FMS Base/FMS Prime work lamps


From September 2023, new specifications for rear-loader refuse collection vehicles will come into force in accordance with DIN EN 1501-1. HELLA FMS Base/FMS Prime work lamps offer a perfect solution for this new type of periphery lighting requirement. The following publication will detail the advantages these work lamps offer you as part of your daily operations and what this new specification is all about.


The key points in short

  • New specifications according to DIN EN 1501-1 from September 2023 for rear-loader refuse collection vehicles – what's new?
  • HELLA FMS Base/FMS Prime work lamps as perfect solution
  • Uniform illumination around the vehicle
  • Homogeneous light distribution in the operating range



What is new about the specifications according to DIN EN 1501-1 for periphery lighting?

From September 2023, the sides along rear-loading refuse collection vehicles must be equipped with one or more additional work lamps that generate a maximum light output of 4,000 lumen per side. HELLA FMS Base and FMS Prime work lamps are the perfect solution for this requirement, as they deliver the following advantages:


While FMS Base boasts a light output of 1,200 lumen, FMS Prime scores high marks with an output of 2,500 lumen. The advantage of this series is that it features compact, slim design and its small dimensions make it particularly suitable for confined installation situations. Another advantage of the slim mounting method is the increased safety, as no parts protrude from the vehicle that may put passers-by at risk. In addition, the headlamp's slim design means there is no potential contact surface, even at high speeds.


FMS headlamps also evenly distribute the light to operating ranges at the bottom when installed flush on a wall. Great illumination around the vehicle is particularly important for many municipal and emergency services vehicles as well as for construction machinery. The light is generated by efficient, long-life LEDs.


The housing is made of die-cast aluminium and is corrosion-resistant thanks to its CoroSafe coating. The component is also dustproof and waterproof and boasts ECE approval. Both versions of the headlamp are available with black, white or red housing.


HELLA work lamps for more efficiency at work

HELLA work lamps can cope with the most difficult environmental conditions. The sophisticated thermal management within the headlamp ensures a very long service life. After all, top performance is only possible if the heat from the high-performance LED headlamps is optimally dissipated.


The work lamp has been specifically developed to illuminate a large area with a soft transition area at the edges. HELLA work lamps also generate suitable illumination of the operating range for every area of application – even working at night and in the early morning is no problem with HELLA work lamps. Whether that’s in agriculture, on construction vehicles, with dangerous goods vehicles, towing vehicles or municipal vehicles: HELLA products help achieve maximum safety for people and materials.


With high-quality, innovative products, HELLA supports necessary operations in the public sector as much as possible, so that, even in the dark, no foot goes wrong and the necessary safety standard is guaranteed.

Learn more about the FMS work lamps or about our product range for the customer segment municipal vehicles in general. You will find here an overview about the product range of work lamps that HELLA offers.

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