SlimLine Bi-LED headlamp: HELLA presents first rectangular Bi-LED headlamp


HELLA, the automotive supplier operating under the umbrella brand FORVIA, is launching the SlimLine Bi-LED headlamp, the first rectangular light module in the HELLA portfolio.


The keypoints in short

  • Bi-LED headlamp with advanced lighting technology and electronics for a wide range of applications and maximum demands 
  • Extraordinarily slim design and technological freedom thanks to modular system 


The Company is thus following a major trend in terms of design. The headlamp offers excellent light output and is ideal for a wide range of highly demanding applications. Thanks to its solid housing and robust construction, it can be used in harsh environments and for heavy-duty applications. For example, its high vibration resistance makes it ideal for use with construction machinery, while the IP 6K9K protection rating makes it particularly dust-proof and resistant to high-pressure cleaning. The SlimLine headlamp will soon be available on the market. 


The Bi-LED headlamp is equipped with reverse polarity protection ensuring the headlamp is protected even if the connection is accidentally reversed. The headlamp's thermal management maximizes service life and ensures full functionality at temperatures down to -40 °C and up to +60 °C. With a high color temperature of 5,500 Kelvin, it has an illumination similar to daylight, ensuring an even safer and more comfortable driving experience for all types of vehicles.

The SlimLine Bi-LED headlamp: low beam and high beam in a single headlamp module

The SlimLine Bi-LED headlamp, which offers low beam and high beam in a single headlamp module, is suitable for use on agricultural and construction machinery, trucks, buses, motorhomes, in the powersports sector, but also on passenger cars and sports cars. The headlamp bezel can be customized in terms of color or can be provided with an individual logo to emphasize the unique appearance of the vehicle. Together with the LED combination lamp LEDayFlex III, the new rectangular headlamp offers attractive design options and perfect combinability. With the SlimLine Bi-LED headlamp.


The Bi-LED headlamp is the first product from the brand-new SlimLine range. Two modules, a fog light with cornering light and a module that combines daytime running light, position light and direction indicator, are currently under development and will perfectly complement the SlimLine family in future.


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