Power packed in unique design - Customized HELLA full-LED rear lamps for one of the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturers


HELLA developed customized full-LED rear lamps with light curtain for new buses from one of the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturers. Together with the customer, HELLA's LED technology was launched onto the bus segment for the first time and has proven itself many times over in practice.


The keypoints in short

  • Customer: Premium commercial vehicle manufacturer
  • Segment: City buses and coaches
  • Product solution: Customized rear lamps



HELLA rear lamps with light curtain

Safety plays a very special role in passenger transport - that is why HELLA has developed the patented LED light curtain many years ago. Thanks to its large surface area, the highly homogeneous light is visible at all times - even from a distance and at dusk or fog.  The technology was perfected and brought to market as part of a close and trusting collaboration between the project teams of the premium commercial vehicle manufacturer and HELLA. The customer is very satisfied with the previous experience in collaboration with HELLA. That is why the technology has been also adapted for other vehicle models.
 The latest version of the LED light curtain is almost twice as large as in previous models, measuring 144 square centimeters.

Close-up and details of customized rear lamp

Close-up and details of customized rear lamp

Rear lamps of HELLA ensure optimum visibility

The rear lamps HELLA  developed cover all five lighting functions: Tail light, brake light, indicator light, reverse light and rear fog light. The tail light is particularly easy to recognise thanks to the light curtain. The brake light and indicator light are also large and illuminated over a wide area - perfect for difficult visibility conditions. Because of the modular construction, the rear lamps can be customized with a customer-specific color scheme according to preferences. Depending on the vehicle model, the indicator lights comply with the European ECE standard or the American SAE norm.


The clear lens, which allows a look at the inner view of the rear lamp, is also visually interesting. Here you can recognize the high-performance LEDs, which, despite their high luminosity, consume much less energy than bulbs while having a much longer lifespan.


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