Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 with HELLA rear lighting is "Farm Machine 2023"


The new tractor series Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 has been awarded as "Farm Machine 2023" and "Tractor of the Year 2023". The custom rear light with its distinctive design has been exclusively developed by HELLA for Fendt.

The key points in short

  • Customer: AGCO Fendt
  • Segment: agricultural machinery
  • Product solution: Customized rear lighting



AGCO Fendt is considered an innovation driver in the agricultural industry

Fendt is one of the leading agricultural machinery manufacturers. The brand, which originated from the Bavarian family-owned company in Marktoberdorf, is known as a high-tech specialist for customers with the highest demands and as an innovation leader in agricultural technology. Since 1997, Fendt has been owned by the AGCO Group, which has the most powerful distribution network in the industry with over 3,000 independent dealers, sales outlets, and licensees in more than 140 countries.


HELLA rear lighting for new Fendt tractor series

The seventh generation of the popular Fendt 700 Vario tractors has a particularly distinctive appearance - not only during the day, but also at night. And HELLA rear lamps play a significant role in this. When it gets dark and the curved lines of the futuristic vehicle concept blur in the twilight, the lights specially developed for Fendt shape the rear view of the tractor. The combined tail, brake, and turn signal lights resemble two stylized high-speed trains and give the vehicle a distinctive, dynamic look.


The custom rear lamps seamlessly integrate into the design and are also perfectly matched to the tractor's technical specifications. The LED technology is practically indestructible, meeting Fendt's agricultural machinery specifications, which require high vibration resistance and special protection against dust and water. The rear lamps are the first to be controlled through the Controller Area Network (CAN-Bus) in the HELLA Special Original Equipment (SOE) portfolio. This allows for control of all LEDs and light functions. Among other things, the voltage supply of the lights is continuously monitored and adjusted to ensure maximum LED lifespan. In everyday use, the compliant dimming of light intensity in night driving mode is particularly pleasant, avoiding driver glare.


The tail, stop, and direction indicator lights with full LED technology are equipped with 18 high-performance LEDs for the direction indicator and 27 LEDs for the stop and tail lights. They provide a homogeneous appearance of the tail and brake light functions. The lights are available with ECE and SAE approval. The ECE direction indicator has a wiper function, while the SAE approval also includes yellow flashing. The lights are connected via a 4-pin Deutsch connector. Development, production, and documentation comply with the requirements of functional safety according to ISO 14229 (ISO 23232).

Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 sets new standards

Fendt's customers spend a large part of their time on the machines. That is why the company has placed special emphasis on incorporating the wishes and ideas of the drivers in the development of the Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 and making the tractor a true place of well-being with sustainable technologies and features.


And this approach has proven successful: The Fendt Vario 700 Gen7 has been awarded "Farm Machine 2023" and "Tractor of the Year 2023" for its intuitive operation with FendtONE, high performance with low fuel consumption, and versatile applications. This tractor sets new standards worldwide.


Fendt's developers strive to make work as comfortable as possible and to bring forth the best innovations and technologies. For this, HELLA is the ideal partner. If you are also looking for lighting solutions, we are happy to advise you. Whether you are interested in our standard range or individual solutions, simply fill out our contact form . We will get back to you!

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