Rotatory smart actuators for 360° angle

Pretty smart: The HELLA Rotatory smart actuators for 360° angle offer a broad field of applications even under demanding conditions. Thanks to the innovative HELLA CIPOS® technology, it enables precise and reliable position control and is used, for example, in seed metering or separation. Another application is supply air and exhaust air dampers. The Rotatory smart actuators for 360° angle detect the position of the output gear and constantly calculates its position via the integrated electronics using an ASIC.


Thanks to the “True Power” function, the actuator can also cover angle ranges smaller than 180°. This enables immediate commissioning without prior calibration. The operating angle range is flexible and allows up to eight revolutions. The electric rotation can be to the left or to the right. In operation, the actuator carries out controlled movement to the programmed positions. Due to the self-locking gear, positions can be held at a very low current consumption of <25 mA. The HELLA Rotatory smart actuators for 360° angle have an integrated error memory with corresponding feedback signals.

Product Advantages

  • Actuator controls the position of its output gear wheel in accordance with the target position
  • Precise position control using HELLA CIPOS® technology
  • Electrical rotation (right/left) with high torque
  • Flexible operating angle range with up to eight complete revolutions
  • “True power on” function for angle ranges < 180°
  • Integrated electronics monitor actuator function
  • Error message and error memory 
  • Self-blocking gearbox

Technical Data

Rated voltage 13.5 V

Operating voltage

9 – 16 V

Operating temperature

-40 °C to +85 °C
Rated torque (13.5 V; RT) 60 Ncm

Max. torque

(13.5 V; RT)

< 300 Ncm

Operating angle range

> 360°(< 180° true power on)

Housing material (bottom side)

PP-GF 30

Protection class


IP 6K7 (depending on category of mating connector)

Type 250,000 cycles

(1 cycle = 90° angle open – closed – open)

Control system LIN 2.9 and PWM

Program Overview

Variant Torque Part number Packaging unit

Power locking/unlocking and closing, power rotational movement

to right and left, with position feedback via CIPOS® technology

< 300 Ncm 6NW 011 303-717 1