HELLA Aftermarket: our yellow box includes all this


For example with a retail range consisting of over 35,000 items, from lighting, electrical components, electronics to braking systems, making us one of the top partners on the independent automotive aftermarket in Europe!


For you, we combine our OE expertise and product innovations with our aftermarket know-how. However, you also play a big part in our success! Even though your day-to-day business is already complex enough, we often receive valuable feedback from you. We integrate this into what we do so we can improve. Together we are a really strong team and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for this!

What are the strengths HELLA Aftermarket can offer you?

In addition to our passion, we add a great deal of service, diagnostic expertise and know-how.


Above all, we support you as our retail partners with efficient data management and our cutting-edge logistics network so that your HELLA delivery arrives promptly, no matter when and where you need it. Our products and services on the independent aftermarket are based on a tradition spanning more than 120 years as well as our innovative spirit in terms of lighting and electronics. Whenever we collaborate with renowned vehicle manufacturers in the OE sector to shape future megatrends, such as electrification, digitalisation, networking and autonomous driving, you can be sure that we have you in mind.


Let’s continue to be curious, self-confident and keep our eyes on the future as a team! And in case we have never met before, our partnership may be starting right now – with our yellow box!

The partnership starts with a yellow box.