2019-03-18 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid expands product portfolio to include further brake pads for electric and hybrid vehicles

  • Front and rear axle brake pads for a wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles now available
  • Environmentally friendly, copper-free friction lining formulations for optimum braking characteristics

2019-02-27 Company

HELLA opens second electronics plant in India

New site expands production capacity in fast-growing Indian market

2019-02-19 Company

Capital Markets Day 2019: HELLA presents strategic orientation toward electromobility

  • As a provider of powerful key components and subsystems, HELLA supports the path to clean mobility 
  • Company considers itself well positioned to continue profitable growth path in the long term

2019-01-21 Technology & Products

Plastic Omnium and HELLA enter into strategic partnership

Cooperation promotes the innovative integration of lighting technologies into the vehicle exterior

2019-01-16 Technology & Products

HELLA equips Show Truck with Lighting Solutions

Truck equipped with Shapeline lamps, work lights and auxiliary lamps, warning lights and accessories

2019-01-11 Company

HELLA increases sales and earnings in a challenging market environment

  • Currency- and portfolio-adjusted sales increase by 7.3% in the first half of the fiscal year; reported sales increase by 2.8% to € 3.6 billion taking into account the effects of exchange rates as well as the divestment of the wholesale distribution business 
  • Adjusted EBIT improves by 5.5 percent to € 302 million; adjusted EBIT margin is 8.6 percent
  • Automotive segment drives group-wide growth; business with workshop equipment supports growth in Aftermarket; Special Applications shows positive development in the business for agricultural and construction vehicles 
  • Continuing positive business development expected for the current fiscal year 2018/2019

2019-01-08 Company / Technology & Products

HELLA and AEye seek to extend collaboration for sensing and perception solutions for ADAS and Automated Driving

  • Cooperation focus in the field of LiDAR sensor and iDAR system development 
  • First results will be already demonstrated at CES 2019 in Las Vegas

2018-12-20 Techniek & producten

Hella Pagid: Range of Brake Products Continues to Grow

Product portfolio comprehensively expanded in 2018

2018-11-21 Company / Technology & Products

HELLA and Faurecia enter into strategic collaboration

Automotive suppliers to partner on interior lighting solutions for the cockpit of the future

2018-11-14 Technology & Products

"Passion for Clean Mobility": HELLA supports the path to clean mobility

New film illustrates electronics solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles

2018-10-08 Technology & Products

Smart Headlamp Technology: Research project for the efficient development of an intelligent headlamp

  • New monitoring and control processes to ensure optimum performance of high-resolution headlamps
  • Complex series development process is researched to reduce development times and costs

2018-10-01 Onderneming

Fource kiest opnieuw voor HELLA

Producten van OE-kwaliteit beschikbaar voor de aftermarket.

2018-09-28 Company

HELLA Annual General Meeting decision increases dividend to € 1.05 per share

  • Dividend increases by 14 percent; total distributed sum of € 117 million
  • HELLA CEO Dr. Rolf Breidenbach confirms forecast for the current fiscal year

2018-09-28 Company

Dr. Nicole Schneider becomes Managing Director Human Resources at HELLA

2018-09-27 Company

HELLA with strong sales and earnings increase in the first quarter

  • Currency-adjusted sales increase by 10.3 percent in the first three months; reported sales grow by 9.7 percent to € 1.8 billion
  • Adjusted EBIT improves by 12.0 percent to € 140 million; adjusted EBIT margin increases to 7.8 percent
  • The automotive segment is driving Group-wide growth; Aftermarket enjoys strong workshop and spare parts business; sales in the Special Applications segment equivalent to the value of the prior year
  • Despite increasing market uncertainty, HELLA confirms positive company outlook for fiscal year 2018/2019

2018-09-20 Technology & Products

IAA Commercial Vehicles: Increasing operational safety with HELLA VISIOTECH projection technologies

  • VISIOTECH projection technology enables communication with light
  • Worklights and reversing lights provide better visibility at the working area
  • New ECO worklight series by HELLA allows for easy change to LED technology

2018-09-18 Technology & Products

Park Safety Fix: Safe lighting of trailers or semitrailers

  • HELLA presents product novelty Park Safety Fix at IAA Commercial Vehicles
  • Park lighting system enables independent lighting of trailer

2018-09-14 Company

HELLA opens new electronics plant in Lithuania

  • New location serves rising demand for electronics solutions on European market
  • Creation of up to 250 new jobs during first expansion phase

2018-09-11 Company / Garages & Services

Automechanika 2018: HELLA presents strategic alignment for aftermarket business

  • Stronger alignment of aftermarket business along original equipment competencies in lighting and electronics
  • Closer linkage of original equipment expertise and workshop equipment competencies
  • Development of new digital business models

2018-09-06 Company

Moody’s upgrades HELLA rating to Baa1 with a stable outlook

  • The improved rating reflects a positive development of key financial indicators
  • The increase also takes into account the leadership of HELLA in the areas of lighting technology and electronics as well as the diversified business model

2018-09-03 Company

HELLA successfully concludes sale of wholesale businesses FTZ and Inter-Team

The Danish and Polish wholesale businesses were transferred to Swedish wholesaler Mekonomen after approval by the cartel authorities

2018-08-20 Onderneming

Innovatieve verlichtingstechnieken centraal tijdens Agrotechniek Holland 2018

HELLA presenteert zich met alle facetten van verlichting.

2018-08-15 Techniek & producten

Hella Pagid profiteert van nieuwe productiefabriek voor remblokken

Automotive-leverancier TMD Friction breidt capaciteiten uit in Essen

2018-08-13 Company / Technology & Products

IAA Commercial Vehicles: HELLA introduces intelligent lighting and electronics solutions

  • Enhance active safety with VISIOTECH projection technology
  • Experience HELLA electronics products in 3D
  • Create individual lighting signatures with Shapeline

2018-08-10 Company

HELLA grows significantly stronger than the automotive market in the fiscal year 2017/2018

  • Currency-adjusted sales growth reaches 9.3 percent; reported consolidated sales rise by 7.2 percent to € 7.1 billion
  • Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes improve by 8.8 percent to € 581 million; adjusted EBIT margin increases to 8.2 percent
  • The Automotive segment drives Group-wide sales growth; Aftermarket considerably improves earnings before interest and taxes; Special Applications generates strong sales and earnings momentum
  • Dividend to be increased by 14 percent to € 1.05 per share
  • Profitable growth path expected to continue in the fiscal year 2018/2019

2018-08-09 Company

HELLA restructures aftermarket business

  • Stronger alignment of product portfolio along original equipment competencies in lighting and electronics
  • Closer linkage of original equipment expertise with workshop equipment competencies
  • New Mobility Solutions business unit established for tapping into digital business models
  • Agreement for transferring thermal management activities to MAHLE under the roof of Behr Hella Service as of December 31, 2019

2018-08-06 Garages & Services

Digital multifunction glasses bring real-time support to the workplace

  • Exchange of information in hands-off mode
  • Gradual function extension from 2019 onwards

2018-08-06 Garages & Services

The Hella Gutmann diagnostic unit mega macs 77 steps up a gear

  • New user interface based on innovative software architecture
  • High-octane, interlinked diagnostics

2018-07-31 Techniek & producten

HELLA op Automechanika 2018: OE-competence meets diagnostics

  • HELLA en Hella Gutmann Solutions voor het eerst met gezamenlijke stand in Hal 9
  • Op weg naar de Werkplaats 4.0: dagelijkse trainingen in het HELLA Academy Forum op de HELLA beursstand
  • mega macs 77: dit Hella Gutmann state-of-the-art product toont de toekomst van diagnosestellen aan voertuigen

2018-07-17 Company

HELLA once again increases sales and earnings significantly in the fiscal year 2017/2018

  • Preliminary key performance indicators for the fiscal year 2017/2018 confirm stronger growth than the automotive market and a further increase in profitability
  • Currency-adjusted consolidated sales increase by 9.3 percent; reported sales rise by 7.2 percent to € 7.1 billion
  • Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes improves to around € 581 million; adjusted EBIT margin increases to about 8.2 percent

2018-07-06 Company

Mekonomen acquires wholesale activities from HELLA

  • Swedish wholesaler takes over Danish and Polish wholesale companies
  • HELLA focuses the Aftermarket segment on the independent spare parts business and workshop equipment

2018-07-05 Onderneming

Sander Blonk gestart als Concept Manager bij HELLA

Nieuwe Concept Manager verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud en de uitvoering van het HELLA Service Partner concept.

2018-06-28 Technology & Products

HELLA Incubator in Berlin sets up next spin-off

Start-up Yptokey launches software solution for digital keys and access authorization systems

2018-06-22 Techniek & producten

Behr Hella Service introduceert QR-codes op verpakkingen

Alle productinformatie beschikbaar op de smartphone

2018-06-11 Company

HELLA expands production capacities in the NAFTA region significantly

With a new electronics plant and the expansion of existing lighting plants, HELLA is strengthening its position in the American market

2018-05-18 Techniek & producten

HELLA ontwikkelt de OLED-technologie voor automotive toepassingen


  • Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED's) zijn van toenemend belang voor het ontwerp van achterlichten
  • HELLA ontwikkelt OLED-verbindingstechnologie
  • OLED-achterlichten in de nieuwe Audi A8 maken verschillende lichtscenario’s mogelijk voor "thuiskomen" en "thuis vertrekken"


2018-04-30 Techniek & producten

Innovatief verlichtingssysteem verandert nacht in de dag: HELLA LED Matrix koplampen voor de nieuwe Touareg

Adaptieve LED Matrix koplampen leveren uitstekende presentaties

2018-04-27 Company

HELLA and BHAP launch electronics joint venture in China

  • HELLA BHAP Electronics Co., Ltd. meets rising demand for electronic components
  • Start of series production by the new joint venture expected for early 2020

2018-03-22 Company

HELLA continues its sales and earnings growth in the third quarter

  • Currency-adjusted sales increase by 9.3 percent in the first nine months of the fiscal year 2017/2018; reported sales grow by 7.4 percent to € 5.1 billion
  • Adjusted EBIT improves by 9.5 percent to € 408 million; adjusted EBIT margin increases to 8.0 percent
  • Significant increase in sales in the segments Automotive (+8.2 percent) and Special Applications (+13.4 percent); Aftermarket sees 3.9 percent increase in sales with external customers
  • Positive company outlook confirmed

2018-03-21 Onderneming

Digitalisatie van de werkplaats weer een stap verder

Middels een investering in de startup CarForce verstevigt HELLA haar activiteiten op het gebied van digitale diagnostische service

2018-03-09 Techniek & producten

Razendsnelle diagnosetester mega macs 77 als primeur op AutoTechnica 2018

Voor het eerst in de Benelux wordt het nieuwe diagnoseapparaat mega macs 77 getoond op de HELLA stand tijdens de vakbeurs AutoTechnica in Brussel van 25 tot en met 28 maart 2018 in Brussels Expo.  

2018-02-15 Techniek & producten

HELLA verlichting zet nieuwe standaard in de nieuwe Audi A8

  • HELLA ontwikkelt veelomvattend verlichtingspakket voor de nieuwe Audi A8
  • Matrix LED koplampen en laserverlichting voor meer veiligheid
  • Interieurverlichting nog beter met Matrix LED-verlichting
  • Primeur: de eerste op grote schaal geproduceerde OLED achterlichten met geanimeerd welkom-scenario. 

2018-02-15 Company

Capital Markets Day 2018: HELLA is strengthening its strategic approach toward autonomous driving

  • Technology leadership geared toward automotive market trends supports profitable growth path
  • Positioning HELLA as a supplier of key components and subsystems and as a development partner for autonomous driving strengthens business model
  • Management board provides information regarding medium-term growth prospects

2018-02-02 Company

HELLA’s management board newly arranged to set path for the future

  • CEO contract for Dr. Rolf Breidenbach extended for five more years
  • Dr. Breidenbach takes over management of the Automotive Segment; Dr. Frank Huber to become deputy managing director of the Lighting business division
  • Markus Bannert and Dr. Matthias Schöllmann will leave the management board

2018-01-31 Company

Dr. Felix Willing new Chief Information Officer at automotive supplier HELLA

2018-01-26 Techniek & producten

Diagnose stellen naar een hoger niveau dankzij mega macs 77

Topmodel diagnoseapparaat klaar voor de toekomst

2018-01-11 Company

HELLA achieves significant sales and earnings increase in the first half of the fiscal year 2017/2018

  • Currency-adjusted sales increase of 9.3 percent in the first half of the fiscal year; reported sales growth of 8.0 percent to € 3.5 billion
  • Adjusted EBIT improves by 9.3 percent to € 293 million; adjusted EBIT margin increases to 8.5 percent
  • Long-term expansion of the global HELLA network: Numerous new locations are planned in international target markets
  • A substantial increase in sales in the Automotive segment (+9.1 percent) supports Group-wide growth; Special Applications contribute to increase in sales and earnings
  • Positive company outlook confirmed after the first half of the fiscal year

2018-01-03 Techniek & producten

EU-onderzoeksproject interACT: HELLA ontwikkelt communicatieconcept voor autonoom rijden

Nieuwe verlichtingsmodules gaan zorgen voor communicatie tussen geautomatiseerde voertuigen en andere weggebruikers.

2017-12-12 Company / Technology & Products

EU research project interACT: HELLA develops communication concept for automated driving

New lighting modules soon to provide communication between automated vehicles and other road users

2017-11-20 Company

HELLA opens new joint venture plant for lighting systems in China

Increasing demand for state-of-the-art lighting systems calls for the expansion of production capacities

2017-10-30 Onderneming

“Masters at Work”: HELLA zoekt unieke werkplaatsen

Werkplaatsen kunnen tot 20 november kans maken op deze titel. De meest bijzondere werkplaatsen komen op de HELLA kalender “Masters at Work”.

2017-10-16 Company

HELLA lays foundation for new electronics plant in Lithuania

  • Growing demand for electronics components requires expansion of production network
  • Site opening in Lithuanian Kaunas region planned for summer of 2018

2017-10-12 Company

HELLA further expands company headquarters in Lippstadt

  • Automotive supplier is investing in the new construction of a modern visitor, administrative and exhibition center at its Lippstadt company headquarters
  • Opening planned for mid-2019
  • Urban planning competition scheduled for former Steinstrasse company premises

2017-10-09 Techniek & producten

Busworld: HELLA presenteert verlichting en elektronica producten voor moderne stadsbussen en touringcars

  • Met de nieuwe projectiemodules van HELLA kunnen symbolen, logo's of waarschuwingsteksten rechtstreeks geprojecteerd worden bij instap- en uitstapplaatsen van voertuigen
  • Shapeline maakt individuele voor-, zij- en achterverlichting voor stadsbussen en touringcars mogelijk

2017-10-06 Company

HELLA joins Europe's largest innovation platform

The lighting and electronics expert becomes new partner in "Startup Autobahn" network

2017-10-05 Company

HELLA expands footprint in India

Automotive supplier opens second electronics plant and additional development center for lighting technology in India

2017-10-03 Techniek & producten

HELLA presenteert radar- en camerafuncties voor automatisch rijden

Flexibele radars met hoge resolutie volgens 77GHz technologie en camera software componenten

2017-09-29 Techniek & producten

Zien en gezien worden met de HELLA Verlichtingscampagne

Over enkele weken gaat de wintertijd in en worden de dagen nog donkerder. Voor de veiligheid in het verkeer is het dan extra belangrijk om goede verlichting te hebben.

2017-09-28 Company

Dividend increase of approximately 20 percent decided upon at the HELLA Annual General Meeting

  • Dividend per share increases from € 0.77 to € 0.92
  • Long-serving Managing General Partner Dr. Jürgen Behrend voted onto the Shareholder Committee
  • Change of the corporate name to HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA agreed upon at the Annual General Meeting

2017-09-28 Company

Dividend increase of approximately 20 percent decided upon at the HELLA Annual General Meeting

  • Dividend per share increases from € 0.77 to € 0.92
  • Long-serving Managing General Partner Dr. Jürgen Behrend voted onto the Shareholder Committee
  • Change of the corporate name to HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA agreed upon at the Annual General Meeting

2017-09-27 Company

HELLA has a successful start to the fiscal year 2017/2018

  • First-quarter currency-adjusted sales increase of 5.8 percent; reported at 4.9 percent, to approximately € 1.6 billion
  • Adjusted EBIT improves by 5.6 percent to around € 125 million; adjusted EBIT margin increases to 7.7 percent
  • Automotive segment sustains growth dynamic with sales increases of 5.9 percent
  • Aftermarket and Special Applications contribute to the improved result
  • Positive company outlook confirmed after three months

2017-09-20 Company

HELLA Further Expands Software Location in Berlin

  • Subsidiary company HELLA Aglaia moves into new Tempelhof headquarters
  • Number of employees anticipated to reach up to 500 over time
  • Trend to autonomous driving spurs further development

2017-09-19 Techniek & producten

RotaLED Compact: robuuste LED flitslamp zorgt voor een sterk waarschuwingseffect

  • HELLA introduceert nieuwe LED flitslampen voor landbouw- en bouwmachines evenals gemeentelijke voertuigen
  • RotaLED Compact is tot nu toe de laagst geprijsde LED flitslamp binnen het HELLA-assortiment

2017-09-14 Technology & Products / Company

HELLA and BreezoMeter agree on strategic cooperation

  • Partnership cooperation for the development of a cloud-based air quality management system
  • New sensor from HELLA measures the level of particulate matter both inside and outside the vehicle
  • BreezoMeter enriches particulate matter data with cloud-based air quality data to offer an enhanced and connected air quality management system

2017-09-12 Technology & Products

IAA 2017: HELLA Presents Radar and Camera Functions for Highly Automated Driving

Flexible and high-resolution radar sensors based on 77 GHz technology and camera software components

2017-09-12 Technology & Products

IAA 2017: The Digitalization of Light Can Be Experienced Live

  • HELLA brings Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) into the front light
  • A resolution of 30,000 pixels blazes a new trail in automotive light technology

2017-09-12 Technology & Products

IAA 2017: HELLA presents new functions of SHAKE sensor

  • SHAKE sensors detect parking damages and protect pedestrians
  • Technology now also allows touch interaction with the vehicle

2017-09-11 Technology & Products / Company

HELLA and ebm-papst drive electrification

  • HELLA and ebm papst agree on strategic cooperation
  • Focus on developing innovative electric actuating solutions
  • Starting in 2019, the first joint project will be the production of an electric purge pump significantly reducing CO2 emissions

2017-09-11 Technology & Products / Company

IAA 2017: HELLA Presents Solutions for Tomorrow's Mobility

  • Lighting and Electronics Expert HELLA benefiting from automotive market trends
  • "Experience Tomorrow": experience future technologies at HELLA's fair stand

2017-08-30 Company

HELLA doubles its production capacity at its electronics plant in Shanghai

Plant serves growing demand for electronics solutions for the Chinese market

2017-08-28 Techniek & producten

HELLA schijnt zijn licht op de openbare ruimte

  • Stand tijdens Groentechniek Holland vormt mooie afspiegeling van het complete assortiment

2017-08-10 Company

HELLA increases adjusted earnings before interest and taxes in the fiscal year 2016/2017 by 12.0 percent

  • Currency and portfolio-adjusted sales growth of 4.3 percent; reported consolidated sales rise by 3.7 percent to € 6.6 billion
  • Growth momentum accelerates in the second half of the fiscal year 2016/2017; mainly thanks to the Automotive segment
  • Strong increase in profitability: adjusted earnings before interest and taxes improve to € 534 million; adjusted EBIT margin is 8.1 percent
  • Dividend to be increased by 19.5 percent to € 0.92 per share

2017-07-20 Company

HELLA continues its profitable growth path in the fiscal year 2016/2017 with significantly improved earnings

  • Provisional key performance indicators for the fiscal year 2016/2017
  • Currency and portfolio-adjusted sales growth of 4.3 percent; reported consolidated sales rose by 3.7 percent to approximately EUR 6.6 billion
  • Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes improves to around EUR 534 million; adjusted EBIT margin is 8.1 percent

2017-07-03 Techniek & producten

Behr Hella Service breidt compressoraanbod voor hybride en elektrische voertuigen verder uit

  • Nieuw in het programma: elektrische compressoren van specialist Sanden
  • Behr Hella Service exclusief verdeler voor de Europese onafhankelijke onderdelenmarkt

2017-06-27 Techniek & producten

Nieuwe koplampdimensie: Liquid Crystal HD-technologie zorgt voor volledig adaptieve lichtverdeling in real-time

  • Integratie van een LCD-scherm in een LED-koplamp biedt nieuwe kansen voor de automotive verlichtingstechnologie
  • Zogenaamde LCD koplampen passen de lichtverdeling op verschillende verkeerssituaties aan, op een intelligente en continue manier in real time
  • 30.000 pixels maken beeldprojecties mogelijk, in aanvulling op een volledig adaptieve lichtverdeling

2017-06-21 Company

HELLA reaches settlement with EU-Commission

Settlement will have no impact on HELLA’s forecasted financial performance

2017-06-20 Company

HELLA and ZF Form Strategic Partnership

  • Firmly in focus: camera systems, imaging and radar sensor technology
  • Partnership for development and marketing aims to produce modern assistance systems and autonomous driving functions for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and off-highway applications
  • Latest vehicle sensor technologies support enhanced safety and pave the way for autonomous driving

2017-06-19 Company

HELLA Reorganizes Small Lamps Product Division

  • New competence center opened in Slovenia
  • Renaming into Car Body Lighting takes into account new trends and developments

2017-06-08 Techniek & producten

Fource vindt verkoeling bij HELLA

Vanaf 8 juni 2017 start Fource met de distributie van de thermomanagement productlijn van HELLA. De productlijn van ‘Behr Hella Service’ bestaat uit een compleet gamma van voertuigairconditioning en motorkoeling en is daarom een welkome aanvulling op het huidige Fource koelingsassortiment.

2017-05-17 Onderneming

Onderzoeksproject "HipE": Laserlichtbronnen voor koplampen

Samen met het Fraunhofer Application Center voor Anorganische Fosforen ontwikkelt HELLA een nieuw koplamp prototype.

2017-05-10 Company

HELLA successfully concludes its refinancing of the 2014/2017 bond

  • New bond of 300 million euro successfully placed
  • Order book over-subscribed more than 8 times
  • 1.0 per cent coupon, maturing in 2024

2017-05-02 Onderneming

HELLA ontvangt Daimler Supplier Award 2016

Een award voor kwaliteit en exclusieve serieproductie van multibeam LED-koplampen in de huidige E-Klasse.

2017-04-20 Company

HELLA expands production capacities in China with new plant for lighting systems

  • Start of production planned for October 2017
  • Production focus on innovative LED headlamps for Chinese customers

2017-04-18 Techniek & producten

Module 50 LED Spot biedt meer veiligheid

  • Verlichting experts van HELLA ontwikkelen nieuwe lens optiek
  • Spot-vormige grondverlichting waarschuwt voertuigen en voetgangers voor naderend verkeer

2017-04-11 Onderneming

HELLA lanceert online catalogus met universele producten

Snel en overzichtelijk het assortiment van universele HELLA onderdelen inzien via de universele webcatalogus.

2017-04-11 Company

HELLA builds new electronics plant in Lithuania

Automotive supplier expands production capacities in Europe due to increasing demand for electronic components

2017-04-06 Company

HELLA reports accelerated growth and a significant increase in earnings in the third quarter of fiscal year 2016/2017

  • Sales rise by a substantial 5.5% and earnings before interest and taxes by 18.4% over the third quarter
  • Consolidated sales over the nine-month period increase to € 4.8 billion: +3.5% after adjustment for currency and portfolio effects (reported +2.6%)
  • Adjusted EBIT over the first nine months grow significantly by 8.1% to € 373 million; the adjusted EBIT margin improves to 7.8%
  • Dr Jürgen Behrend retires as Managing General Partner on 30 September 2017 after the Annual General Meeting

2017-04-03 Company

Dr. Werner Benade started as the new Managing Director of the business division Aftermarket and Special Applications on April 1, 2017

Dr. Werner Benade started as the new Managing Director of the business division Aftermarket and Special Applications on April 1, 2017

2017-03-09 Company

HELLA receives Daimler Supplier Award 2016

Award for quality and high-end series

2017-02-07 Techniek & producten

Hella marine gekozen als "Best Lighting Supplier 2016“

Hella marine heeft een award ontvangen voor de Beste Verlichting Leverancier 2016 van het internationale maritieme magazine Work Boat World.

2017-02-06 Techniek & producten

Tweede generatie intelligente batterijsensoren voor caravans, campers en boten

State-of-the-art technologie van HELLA voor extra efficiëntie // Compact design maakt eenvoudige installatie mogelijk.

2017-01-16 Techniek & producten

Het verhaal achter de nieuwste waterstofracer

Een team studenten van de TU Delft ontwikkelde de eerste waterstof raceauto die zal deelnemen aan een race. HELLA leverde ook een bijdrage aan deze speciale auto, die in augustus 2017 in actie gaat komen.

2017-01-12 Company

HELLA increases sales and earnings in the first half year

  • Consolidated sales increase to EUR 3.2 billion: +2.4 percent after adjustment for currency and portfolio effects (reported +1.2 percent)
  • Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes (adjusted EBIT) grow by 4.9 percent to EUR 268 million
  • Adjusted EBIT margin improves by 0.3 percentage points to 8.4 percent
  • Full-year sales and earnings guidance confirmed
  • Dr Werner Benade appointed new managing director of the business division Aftermarket and Special Applications effective 1 April 2017

2016-12-09 Company

New HELLA development centre to open in Sindelfingen

  • Inauguration scheduled for February 2017
  • The set-up of a development centre for innovative lighting solutions in Sindelfingen will strengthen HELLA’s presence in southern Germany

2016-12-08 Techniek & producten

Nieuwe autoverlichting zorgt voor veel meer veiligheid

  • Slimme pixel koplamp schijnt verblindingsvrij licht op de weg
  • Verblinding van tegemoetkomend verkeer wordt voorkomen,
  • Aanzienlijk hogere resolutie zorgt voor revolutionaire lichtverdeling

2016-12-06 Techniek & producten

HELLA en Covestro presenteren nieuw ontwerp voertuig verlichting

Holografische technologie zorgt voor revolutionaire achterverlichting. Voorverlichting met naadloze, homogene oppervlakten.

2016-11-30 Company

Nobel Laureate Shuji Nakamura Visits HELLA Light Testing Facility

Pioneer of white LED light discusses current lighting solutions and research projects with HELLA experts.

2016-11-16 Onderneming

Verlichte duinen tijdens Dakar 2017

2016-10-27 Techniek & producten

Technologie nu en in de toekomst

Innovaties aan boord van de Technology Truck

2016-10-24 Company

New HELLA CFO Bernard Schaeferbarthold starts on 1 November 2016



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