Workshop calendar 2020 - behind the scenes at the photo shoot in Austria


For our 2020 workshop calendar featuring HELLA Experts at Work, we embarked once again on a grand photo shoot tour around the globe.
This included making a stop somewhere between an alpine panorama, a Viennese schnitzel and chocolate pralines known as Mozartkugeln: in other words in a workshop somewhere in the heart of Austria. Now you can enjoy the most captivating impressions of the photo shoot by watching our "Making of" video!

Workshop experts with passion

By the way, in our workshop calendar we show workshops from all over the world which stand out in sharp relief because of their team or on account of a particular location or through their specialisation in the repair of unusual vehicles … workshops that all have one thing in common: the passion with which they perform their work every day, welding, drilling and fixing together nuts, bolts and screws to get your vehicles back on the road again quickly.  


For even more insights into life behind the scenes of our photo shoot tour for the HELLA workshop calendar, take a look at our "Behind the Scenes" playlist.

Mechanics pushing a vehicle out of the workshop in Austria.