The SEG headlamp adjustment series

From the low-priced entry-level SEG Economy to the digital market leader SEG V, which has target-oriented functions and automatic angle compensation, all headlamp adjustment devices from Hella Gutmann deliver one thing above all: more safety for your customers.

The SEG headlamp adjustment series

Headlamp adjustment for professionals

The headlamp adjustment devices from Hella Gutmann are characterised by their sturdy design and very easy operation. Step-by-step instructions and proven useful adjustment aids guide you through obtaining a perfectly adjusted headlamp in as few steps as possible. Discover the reliability of the SEG series from Hella Gutmann for your workshop and your customers.

Headlamp adjustment for professionals: SEG IV SE product image


SEG IV SE enables all light distributions to be assessed, incl. adjustment of all brands of forward-thinking headlamp systems. Adjusting headlamps, especially with intelligent high beam assistance systems, is made possible by the test screen using vertical lines. A longer column increases the working range to max. 1650 mm, also allowing the adjustment of high-mounted headlamps. The SEG IV SE is also equipped with a new type of hybrid visor. It consists of a powerful line laser and an analogue sighting device.


Both technologies allow the device to be aligned extremely accurately and at right angles to the vehicle – even in bright surroundings. The combined sighting device ensures 100% operational capability. Thanks to a beam angle of 120°, marker points on the outside can also be targeted, which is particularly advantageous for vehicles with headlamps that are mounted higher (SUVs, vans, etc.)

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