Bend lighting

Here you will find useful basic information relating to the static bend lighting and dynamic bend lighting in vehicles.

The bend lighting extends the visual range on curved roads or when cornering. The course of the road and obstacles can be identified earlier and more easily in darkness. In addition to background information on how the bend lighting works, on this page you can find out about the differences between dynamic and static bend lighting. We also provide practical tips for checking this light function.

Important safety note
The following technical information and practical tips have been compiled by HELLA in order to provide professional support to vehicle workshops in their work. The information provided on this website is intended for use by suitably qualified personnel only.


The dynamic bend lighting is achieved by swiveling the low beam depending on the curve radius being negotiated. The projection headlamp is installed in a frame that rotates around the vertical axis. The swivel angle in the range of +/– 15 degrees is designed for curve radii up to approx. 200 m. When entering a curve with a radius of 190 m, if the area illuminated by the low beam is usually around 30 m, this is extended by another 25 m through the new headlamp technology.


Since the light distribution corresponds to the respective steering angle, the driver can recognise the course of the curve early when driving into it and adapt his driving style accordingly. Active bend lighting works with both the low beam and high beam functions and continually adapts to the respective driving speed. While the headlamps follow the steering wheel movement within seconds at high vehicle speeds, the swiveling mechanism works more slowly at lower vehicle speeds in order to distribute the light as required by the driver.


For larger (such as on motorways) or smaller curve radii (such as those down country roads), it is sensible to supplement the dynamic bend lighting with additional static bend lighting or cornering light. This is switched on automatically in addition to the low beam and dependent on the vehicle speed, whenever the driver switches on the direction indicator to make a turn or drives through narrow bends. To achieve this, a control unit evaluates the parameters speed, steering angle, and indicator signal. To increase the comfort of this lighting function, the light system is not switched on and off abruptly but rather dimmed up and down gently according to special time-related parameters.


  • Curves are no longer illuminated in the case of dynamic bend lighting
  • No illumination of the static bend lighting when cornering
  • Indicator lamp lights up on the dashboard


  • The function of the dynamic bend lighting can be checked during slow driving and by slightly turning the steering wheel.
  • In the case of the static bend lighting, the function can be checked by switching on the direction indicator and driving in alternate circles (at no more than 40 km/h).
  • In some vehicles, such as the Opel Vectra C, it is also possible to diagnose the system using a diagnostics tester
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