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Local roots. Global network. | We have more real-world automotive data than anyone else, enabling us to make the world of mobility faster, safer and more sustainable.

Curiosity is our fuel

Our wealth of knowledge is cross-brand, cross-model and cross-technology and can be used by our customers worldwide through practical products and services. As the workshop's friendly partner, we share the same enthusiasm and passion and develop intelligent solutions for repairing and maintaining cars and motorbikes of all makes and models.

So that we can embark on the digital future consistently, we also pass on our expertise about vehicles and data beyond workshops - in the form of customised digital services to manage fleets, track insurance claims or control production processes, for example. We are always the partner who masters their craft and the friend who 'understands' the cars.

From the workshop for the workshop

What started 60 years ago in a small workshop has today developed into a global player with outstanding expertise in multi-brand diagnostics and workshop equipment.

Kurt Gutmann opened his first workshop in 1968. Besides customer service, it involved a lot of tuning and racing. Gutmann Messtechnik was founded in the eighties, and in 1995 the company launched the mega macs 55. And this turned the world of multi-brand diagnostics upside down and immediately won the Automechanika Innovation Award in 1996. Since then, in the workshop world, the name Gutmann has been synonymous with sophisticated technology and practical support from professionals.

The merger of Gutmann Messtechnik with the family-owned company HELLA KGaA in 2008 was the logical outcome to complement the two fields of expertise. The result was a joint venture which today, as Hella Gutmann Solutions, has over 500 employees and more than 40,000 workshops across 24 countries and is successful in providing workshop equipment, data services and technical services.

Diagnostic devices

Diagnostic solutions from Hella Gutmann - the mega macs family

With diagnostic technology from Hella Gutmann, independent workshops have over 48,000 model variants under control and more sales revenue in their tills

Test & adjustment devices

Test and adjustment devices from Hella Gutmann

We know the challenges that independent workshops face better than most. Using this leading knowledge, we develop useful technology that takes you further.

Support & information

Support and information from Hella Gutmann

Operating instructions misplaced, looking for a trading partner or in need of call centre support? Help is at hand.

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