Stuttering Stuttgart - faulty camshaft position


In this case study, we will show you why a mechanical error on a Mercedes Benz E200 with the engine type 271 from model year 2003 was responsible for the engine running irregularly and for the engine control lamp lighting up. The car was handed in at the garage along with information that the car stutters during constant driving. As part of the error diagnosis, error code P200B, which is equivalent to "Camshaft signal implausible", was read from the engine control unit's error memory. Based on the error description, the camshaft sensors and the crankshaft sensor were replaced by a garage. However, this measure did not eliminate the deficiency.

The solution for correct error diagnosis

Read the error memory again and check which of the camshaft signals is displayed as implausible. If both signals are displayed, a jumped timing chain could be a possible cause. However, in most cases, the error code only refers to one of the camshafts. In this case, you should consider the camshaft adjustment system. The position of the two control pistons in the centrally located camshaft adjusters must be checked as part of a visual inspection. Important: This is only possible with the cylinder head cover removed and the magnet removed! Please note that the control pistons must have exactly the same position. If this is not the case, the components may jam and have to be replaced!

Our repair tip

Afterwards, you should do a test drive to check the repair work. We also recommend that you subsequently read the OBD memory again.

Mercedes C-Class W203 and W204 also affected

The problem described above can also occur with the following vehicles of identical construction: - Mercedes Benz C-Class (W203 and W204) with the same engine. Please note in this context that this work should only be carried out by an authorised specialist garage and that the vehicle manufacturer's repair and maintenance instructions must always be observed!