Our "Digital Light SSL | HD" lighting system: a new milestone in automotive lighting technology


The relationship between man and car has always been a passionate one - just think of lovingly washing a car by hand, carefully selecting a model to suit one's situation in life and becoming involved in heated discussions about the future of mobility. For all these reasons it is our aspiration to win you over with relevant yet fascinating innovations when it comes to lighting technology. Speaking of which ...

A lighting system for every situation: comfort, safety, individualisation

With our new light system "Digital Light SSL | HD" you can look forward to more comfort, more security and lots more options to make your car a true friend and helper. And from 2022 onwards all this will be standard. Why? Well, we'll tell you why: with this new lighting technology, you can send additional, safety-relevant information directly to the road: an optical lane assistant with lane markings made of light helps you, for example, to negotiate your way around narrow roadworks, to always have an overview of the situation and to steer your vehicle in a more stable way. You can also view protection zones for cyclists and pedestrians - for your own safety and for that of others.

The fascination of an innovative lighting system: a technology for the future

And how do we do it? It's simple. We are convinced that the steady further development and miniaturisation of matrix LED systems will take the degree of freedom in vehicle design to a new and higher level, thus making many meaningful innovations possible. Or, as Dr Frank Huber, member of the HELLA management board who is responsible for lighting operations worldwide, proudly puts it: "We are setting a new milestone here in the field of automotive lighting technology and are launching the next headlamp generation on the market with our digital light SSL | HD".

Safety-enhancing technology is the focus of our lighting systems, but ...

... because more than 30,000 pixels can now be intelligently and individually controlled with the "Digital Light SSL | HD" lighting technology, countless new safety functions are conceivable and in some cases have already been developed. Together with a larger light-emitting surface, the significantly higher number of pixels in particular is the basis for a multitude of new possibilities. And, of course in the process, we are also able to improve established lighting applications such as the adaptive, glare-free high beam. Without a doubt your safety is always the main focus of our innovations in vehicle lighting, but ...

... what if a new lighting system could also give a super individual touch to a vehicle together with a host of new possibilities?

With the new technology and some creativity, carmakers and original equipment manufacturers can customise your vehicle even more so to suit your wishes. How would you like it if your car could delight you with 'coming and leaving home' animations and also with completely new communication functions? We already have a few exciting ideas up our sleeve and are looking forward to the creative ideas of the car manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers - and of course to yours. So let's head off into the future!

PS: We'd like to introduce you to our new technology and its possibilities in the Video, take a look!