Head-up display, autopilot and more - that's what the car of the future really needs.


Why do we see more and more electronics and assistance systems in your cars? There's a simple answer to that: to make you feel more relaxed and to get you safely to your destination. But what is really revolutionary about the whole thing? And what is really important? Here come THE 5 technologies that every car should have, or, when we take a sneak peek into the future, what they will possibly or indeed probably have!

Electronics, assistance, comfort: car manufacturers are now ready - let the race into the future begin!

There's no question about it: this is a really exciting time for petrolheads and technology freaks because car manufacturers and suppliers are permanently trying to outdo one another. More electronics, more assistance systems and more comfort functions are intended to take you to your destination in a way which is as safe, relaxed and as stress-free as possible.

These are our top 5 features for your car! But what are the really revolutionary and important technologies that every one of you should have in your car? Here's the definitive answer: the following 5 features: TOP 5: With the 360° panoramic view in the car, you have everything in your sights!

Many car manufacturers are now standardising 360° all-round visibility - and not just to avoid parking dents and scratches. The system enables a virtual view of the current position of the vehicle from the outside. Thanks to the assistance of the top view camera, a bird's eye view of the vehicle helps you to maintain an overview even in confusing situations. And in this way you can observe the cross traffic better. This is made possible, primarily by 77 GHz radar sensors that monitor the vehicle's surroundings. (More about sensors and surround view cameras)

TOP 4: Now you can gain valuable milliseconds of attention with a head-up display!

Also thanks to the head-up display, the safety factor is ramped up enormously. Instead of looking down at the speedometer and turning your gaze away from the road for a split second, you simply keep looking straight ahead - but still get all the important information: speed, navigation information or current speed limits. The information from the display - also often referred to as HUD - is projected onto the windscreen of the vehicle. Which means you gain milliseconds that can save lives!

TOP 3: Keeping the car under control through every bend and around every corner - thanks to torque vectoring!

A rather cumbersome term, but one that describes a rather ingenious idea - with its feature providing even more driving safety while at the same time increasing driving pleasure. Basically, this is all about variable torque distribution. If there is a danger of a vehicle understeering in a bend, a higher torque is made available to the wheel on the outside of the bend. This practically pushes the vehicle into the bend - making it travel as if on rails! Torque vectoring is clearly a system that offers high benefits and increased safety - and for these reasons should be installed in many more vehicles.

TOP 2: Autonomous driving and autopilot - are you and your car ready for level 4 and 5?

The champion of our Top 5: autonomous driving will be one of the big issues of the future and is already being hotly debated now. Of course you know you've already entered this world, right? Are you already at level 1, using driver assistance systems, speed control with Stop&Go function or distance assistance? Maybe. Or have you already made it to Level 2 and are now letting the steering and tracking assistant take over control? Does your car park itself? Or do you already use a personal co-pilot in level 3 who simply takes over during longer distances or in certain traffic situations? Surely not yet, because there's still a lot of research going on in this field. In levels 4 and 5 of automated or autonomous driving, it would theoretically be possible to just sit back, take a nap and leave all the work and responsibility to the car. Of course, there are still many basic prerequisites that first of all have to be fulfilled - for instance, a nationwide 5G network is required to serve as the basis for autonomous driving. It goes without saying that there are also important ethical questions still to be answered. Nevertheless we now have an idea of what it could be like without those long, tiring motorway journeys, don't we?

TOP 1: The light of the future: Digital Light SSL | HD

With our new "Digital Light SSL | HD" lighting system, 30,000 pixels can now be intelligently and individually controlled so that it is possible to implement countless new functions that will make driving even safer and more relaxed for you. How about, for example, an optical lane assistant that uses lane markings generated from light in order to help you maintain the overview when negotiating narrow lanes around road works? Or what do you think of protection zones for cyclists or pedestrians marked out by the headlamps? With "Digital Light SSL | HD" all this is possible.

We can hardly wait for the future! And what do you guys think about all this?