Become a Service Hero


5 service tips for your workshop on how to impress your customers

What do customers want from a workshop? Outstanding quality, of course! But good service is also right on top of the wish list. For who wants to go to a "service desert" when the competition will provide a feel-good oasis? Yet after all, good service can be so easy!

In order for your workshop to hit the ground running, we have compiled a little service primer -- with many useful ideas and suggestions for real customer loyalty in 5 categories. That's how your workshop becomes a Service Hero -- just like that.

1. Customer database -- not sexy but attractive


if MOT reminder, short reference to tyre change or appointment reminder for already-scheduled inspections: customers will feel well taken care of and the workshop will avoid lost revenue due to missed appointments.


A small greeting card or a short email, including service voucher conjure up a smile on the customer's face and generate an appointment with a bit of luck.

Ready vehicle data

when a vehicle changes its first owner, readying the vehicle data can be of great assistance to customers. Thanks to the workshop database!

2. The first impression counts

The courtyard as advertisement

A clean courtyard is the first advertisement of a proper workshop: regularly swept, equipped with safety letterbox (vehicle keys, including registration document can be dropped here) and strong lighting turn the workshop visit into a positive experience.

Reception area: A warm welcome!

Like courtyard, like workshop and reception area: clean and proper. The brochure stand is well-stocked, a small bouquet of flowers on the counter and a clean toilet significantly contribute to the customers' sense of well-being.

Bonus point: employees

A name tag on the employees' chest will make it easier for customers to address them -- and personalizes there experience right away.

3. Waiting period = service period

Excellent all-round service

Seating with beverages, such as water and coffee, will soothe customers with short waiting periods. Provide clean cups, sugar, sweetener and some candy -- that's how customers will turn a blind eye to the one or other additional minute they must wait.


In order for your customers to be able to use their phone even with low battery, why not make available a multi-plug charger. However, traditional newspapers and a small selection of magazines should never be amiss.

Something for everyone

Customers with children will feel well-taken care of when there are diaper changing tables in the toilet area, a children's corner with toys, a coloring book with crayons or a small giveaway. Dog owners will be glad about a pot of water with fresh water or a blanket on the floor for their four-legged companion.

4. Sweetening the unpopular invoice

Well-explained is half-won

Real Service Heroes will explain the invoice. Why were the billed hours necessary, why was a certain material required or what does an ambiguous position on the invoice mean.

Little assistance

An envelope ready at hand, a ball pen stand or an already-made invoice duplicate: real Service Heroes make it as easy as possible for customers.

5. Score points when returning the vehicle

The right parking spot

When accompanying your customers to their car, you're on the right path to becoming their favorite workshop. A good tip: If the customer vehicle must be parked in the sun, then a sunshade can ensure at least acceptable heat inside the vehicle.

Extra services

You can also make a great impression with a free extra to the customers: refilled windscreen wiper water or even coolant, checked tire pressure or a clean car will leave a mark!

If you implement even a few of these practical tips, you can rest assured that your customers will be satisfied!