An engineer in the spirit of da Vinci: restoring vintage cars with his heart and soul


Maciej Rzepecki is a very versatile man: he is a passionate aviator, sailor and engineer with a flair for design. But one of his passions burns extra bright: the restoring of vintage cars. We paid a visit to the Rzepecki Auto Jablonna in Poland in order to showcase his skills and those of his team in the 2020 Workshop Calendar.

An old flame never dies - when real passion is involved

With his company Rzepecki Auto Jablonna, Maciej Rzepecki is able to live his dream. He restores vintage cars that go on to take part in legendary international rallies such as the Mille Miglia or the Peking to Paris race. This makes him feel particularly proud. But what drives Rzepecki and his team?

"The greatest satisfaction in life is never having to do what you don't want to do. We wanted to work with vintage cars because it was our passion. And that hasn't changed one bit."

An incredibly versatile guy and free spirit - in the tradition of Leonardo da Vinci

Rzepecki is a man of many interests. Jokingly it is said that, in this respect, he could even compete with da Vinci himself. He has been running his car service business since 1985 - over three decades. The secret of his success?

"We don't put money first."

Watch this vintage car master at work

The passionate entrepreneur opened his workshop for us. He helped us to produce the 2020 workshop calendar. And, above all, he showed us how people who love their craft set about their work. Watch the video now at