Modular accelerator pedal sensors

The modular accelerator pedal was specially developed for agricultural and construction vehicles: The robust mechanical design of the system guarantees functional reliability under the harshest conditions as well as high interference immunity against electrical and magnetic fields.


It is also very flexible: a pedal can be configured as required according to the modular principle. At the heart of every pedal is the base unit with the integrated HELLA sensor concept CIPOS® (Contactless Inductive Position Sensor). It enables inductive and contactless position measurement. The signal output can be provided in classic analog or digital form. The advantages: CIPOS® not only ensures high precision, but is also wear-free.


Various pedal arms are available - either upright, suspended, made of plastic or steel. In addition, various connectors and mounting elements are available so that the accelerator pedal can be easily integrated into all vehicle architectures.

Product Advantages

  • Flexible configuration according to customer requirements
  • Contactless measurement principle with CIPOS®-Sensor
  • High interference immunity against electrical and magnetic fields

Technical Data

Operating voltage range Single-voltage 5 V ± 0.5 V
Rated voltage 12 V
Start / end force customizable
Actuation angle
< 20°
Output signals 2x analogue with ASIL B (D)
2x SENT with ASIL B (D)
Sensor accuracy ± 0,5°
Approved ECE R10, FMVSS 302, FMVSS 124
Operating temperature - 40 °C to 85 °C
Protection class (mechanical) IP 5K4
Protection class (electric, with
attached mating connector)
Mating connector Standard Molex 31402-6110
but also customizable

Program Overview

Variant Part number PU
Accelerator pedal, pedal arm axis On request 1
Accelerator pedal, floor-mounted On request 1
Accelerator pedal, suspended, with steel lever arm On request 1
Accelerator pedal, suspended, with plastic lever arm On request 1
Underfoor pedal On request 1