EVUM aCar: On the road to success with HELLA components


Fully electric, versatile, robust: the aCar from EVUM. HELLA has equipped the environmentally friendly E-transporter with energy-saving lighting and safety-relevant electronic products.


The keypoints in short

  • The EVUM aCar is geared to the transport needs of the future
  • HELLA equips the EVUM aCar with lighting and electronics 
  • Over 20 different electronic and lighting products can be found in the vehicle​


HELLA equips EVUM aCar with lighting and electronics

The EVUM aCar is fully equipped with lighting and electronic products from HELLA.

What kind of lighting is this? Particularly important for the appearance of the vehicle and especially for drivers are the HELLA M133 Bi-LED main headlamps, which combine low beam and high beam in a single housing. The equally robust and economical LED technology makes the headlamps particularly efficient and durable. The main headlamps are complemented by the 83 mm LED position lamp, daytime running lamp and direction indicator. At the side, the LED auxiliary direction indicator lamps provide outstanding light diffusion and thus also more safety in road traffic but with only 0.7W energy consumption. At the rear of the vehicle can be found the compact full-LED rear combination lamp, which covers all lighting functions. The two flat, homogeneous light strips of the tail light function are the real eye-catchers of this robust lamp. Powerful yet compact - the Eco work lamps, which help to ensure maximum illumination of the working area. A special eye-catcher: the K-LED Rebelution beacon. The revolutionary, pared-down design with all-round, ring-shaped light strip creates a far-reaching warning signal. It is very compact with a diameter of 150 mm and a height of 60 mm. The EVUM aCar is also equipped with a LED auxiliary direction indicator lamp from HELLA. The LED licence plate lamp, which combines precision optics with four power LEDs, guarantees uniform, bright licence plate lighting. The FMS (Flat Mounting Solution) work lamp is a flat, compact and elegantly designed LED work lamp that integrates perfectly into the appearance of the vehicle. Its flat mounting also ups the safety factor as no components stand out from the vehicle, which means that workers cannot be injured by any parts jutting out. In addition, this design allows no surfaces to be endangered or damaged by the wind even at high speeds. Inside the vehicle, the oval interior lamp with its distinctive prism lens ensures perfect illumination. An additional integrated and adjustable reading spotlight rounds off the features of this lamp.


Lighting products are of course visible - but which electronic components are hidden away in the vehicle?

Signal horns are an essential safety feature in the vehicle, as they are indeed required by law. The S90 horn with its full and rich tone attracts maximum attention thanks to its high sound pressure level. The EVUM aCar also features the UP 5.0 vacuum pump from HELLA. This pump ensures that the hydraulic brake system is permanently supported by the brake booster in all situations during the braking process. The failure of a direction indicator has to be shown to the driver either acoustically or by means of warning indicator lamps. HELLA flasher units ensure control either by doubling the flashing frequency (E-controller) or by switching off the indicator lamp (P-controller). The operation of all necessary functions in the vehicle is taken over by the HELLA rocker switches of the 3100 series. The lasered, abrasion-resistant and LED-illuminated symbols offer maximum flexibility for applications. In order to adjust the headlamp range under different loading conditions, it is also possible to regulate this manually by means of a switch.  Power sockets provide an additional connection option for supplying a variety of additional consumers, e.g. mobile phones, cooler boxes, etc.


Optimal energy management - the Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) will be used in the further development of the EVUM aCar. It measures the battery parameters of current, voltage and temperature. The measured values provide information on the battery’s state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH) and state of function (SOF).


The modern transport vehicle thus proves once again that HELLA's comprehensive product range is up to the demands of the future.

lighting and electronic products included in the aCar

These energy-saving lighting and safety-relevant electronic products are included in the aCar.

The all-electric e-transporter - versatile in use

The EVUM aCar for agriculture, commerce and industry is robust and versatile, fully electrically powered and produces neither noise nor local emissions. Thanks to the four different superstructures, the EVUM aCar is suitable for a variety of uses. The basic variant is the classic platform. The body with tarpaulin and roof bows ensures that even sensitive materials arrive at their destination undamaged. The box body is a fixed structure. It protects the goods being carried from the weather, humidity and any other external influences. When it comes to transporting bulk material, the three-way tipper is the optimal solution. 


You can find an overview of all the above-mentioned products on our product page

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