ADAS calibration

Professional and safe camera and radar calibration at manufacturer level for all modern assistance systems. Ideal for workshops with a high number of brands.

ADAS calibration from Hella Gutmann

The assistant for driver assistance systems

More and more vehicle models are being supplied with modern safety-relevant systems, such as distance control, lane departure warning and blind spot assist. Independent workshops that want to maintain and repair these vehicles profitably need a reliable and, above all, flexible system that covers all relevant manufacturer makes. Hella Gutmann has created this system with the basic CSC-Tool, and significantly improved it again with the new CSC-Tool SE.


Numerous expansions, which are constantly being added to, ensure that it is possible to calibrate common camera and radar systems in the front, rear and surrounding areas and complex components, such as the innovative laser scanner in the new Audi model series.

Supplements for CSC-Tool SE & CSC-Tool Mobile

Supplements for CSC-Tool SE

The new optional wheel sensors for the CSC-Tool are equipped with green line-beam lasers and enable fast and accurate positioning of the CSC-Tool SE in front of the vehicle. The tool can be centred and aligned parallel to the rear axle in just a few steps.


To calibrate a vehicle's camera system according to the manufacturer's specifications, the CSC-Tool SE require brand-specific calibration panels. These targets are optionally available individually or as individual sets.

Calibration of the surrounding and reversing camera

Calibration of the surrounding and reversing camera

The Rear Cam Kits I + II, in conjunction with the mega macs software, enable precise calibration of the reversing and ambient camera systems. According to the manufacturer's specifications, these cameras must also be precisely aligned with the geometric driving axle (rear axle) of the vehicle. The kits are to be used exclusively as a supplement to the basic CSC tools and contain a multi-part target system in frame construction (Rear Cam Kit I – Basic + Addition) as well as optical targets for rolling out (Rear Cam Kit II – Side).

Calibration of front and rear sensors

Calibration of front and rear sensors

The Radar Kit I EVO enables calibrations of the radar sensors at almost any position height. The different tilt angles of the new angle adjustment plate 'WVP EVO', which are required for capturing the radar measuring field, can be adjusted by turning a cross handle.

Another component is the system holder, which enables infinitely variable vertical movement, e.g. of the angle adjustment plate and the new target for calibrating the laser scanner in later Audi models.

While the Radar Kit II is used to adjust Mercedes brand radar sensors (radar sensors without mirror system), the radar reflectors of the Radar Kit III enable adjustment of front and rear radar sensors of other manufacturers, such as Honda, Lexus, Mazda and Toyota.

The CSC 4-06 radar reflector completes the range and, depending on the manufacturer, enables the adjustment of radar sensors installed in the corner area of the front and rear of the vehicle. These sensors are used in systems such as the lane change assistant or blind spot assistant, for example. Radar Kit III and Radar Reflector CSC 4-06 are aligned with the Rear Cam Kit I already included in the range.

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