Ignition coil

Ignition coils are a central component of the ignition system. They transmit a high voltage to the spark plugs where a spark is produced that ignites the mixture.


The quality of the ignition coils is ensured, among other things, as a result of a high level of automation involved in the manufacturing processes, by the use of materials, by the number of winding strands and their high temperature resistance. HELLA ignition coils guarantee ignition even under extreme conditions and also electromagnetic compatibility with the magnetic field-sensitive elements of vehicle electronics (ECE R10). As a result of continuous optimisation of the product range, the frequently occurring malfunctions of commercially available ignition coils could be eliminated. And increased performance and lifetime of the HELLA range is the end result.

The portfolio includes more than 300 recommendations for many types that are in demand on the market:

  • Ignition coils for installation with ignition distributor 
  • Block ignition coils (for single or dual ignition) 
  • Candle shaft ignition coils
  • Ignition coil strips 

HELLA offers high programme coverage for a wide range of applications. Can be used in European, Japanese, Korean and American cars. From the Kadett through the Octavia IV right up to the SLS AMG. From the Corolla through the Civic IX right up to the Cee’d. From the F-150 through the Cherokee right up to the Corvette.

Making the sparks fly - reliable ignition parts from HELLA

HELLA's electronics portfolio is broadly based. The products are perfectly matched to the complexity of modern vehicles, in the interaction of all functions and components: they are characterized by the best performance, their high quality and a long service life - this also applies to wear parts in the car.
Two main components of an ignition system, the ignition coil and spark plug, cannot be missing from the HELLA portfolio. How they work and under what circumstances they need to be replaced, you can learn here in the video.
The new HELLA product video shows you how they work and which causes make replacement necessary.


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Vehicle-specific spare parts

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