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Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR): Why automotive professionals rely on EGR valves from HELLA?

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Exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR valve) is an integrated part of the depollution system for today’s modern engines.
It plays an essential role in increasing engine efficiency and reducing harmful emissions. To avoid major repairs, the EGR system should be replaced at the first sign of a malfunction. Automotive professionals do everything right with EGR valves from HELLA.


  • Reliable products: EGR systems from HELLA allow optimal performance for your customers best experience
  • OE know-how: Benefit from our strong OE expertise in electronics, which is consistently transferred to the independent aftermarket
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  • Wide range of products: We offer an extensive EGR valve range from a single source to make your business as simple as possible

Concentrated power in a triple pack - the HELLA exhaust trio

In the wake of global warming, the question of how to deal with exhaust gases is becoming increasingly important. As a global player, HELLA has outstanding OE expertise in the independent aftermarket. And thus also has the right answer to lower emissions at high performance. In our HELLA product video, we explain how the products involved in the exhaust gas consumption of a vehicle work: Mass air flow sensor, exhaust gas recirculation valve and lambda sensor. And explain when replacement of these three products may be necessary. The HELLA exhaust trio enables optimum performance and low emissions.

How does the EGR valve work?

How does the EGR valve work?

Exhaust gas recirculation has the important task of achieving the optimum balance between the amount of exhaust gas required by the engine for maximum performance and efficiency on one hand and the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx emissions) on the other hand. As environmental emission standards reach higher peaks, the way that we recirculate engine exhaust gases becomes even more important in achieving the smallest amount of harmful NOx emissions, to meet all the new regulations. As a rule, a perfectly functional EGR system is also a prerequisite for passing all legal vehicle inspections across the world.

This is how the EGR valve works:

  • After exiting the cylinders, part of the exhaust gases are by-passed through the EGR to mix with fresh air from the intake manifold before entering the engine cylinders
  • The timing and the actual exhaust gas quantity are precisely controlled via the EGR valve
  • This reduces the oxygen content in the fuel-air mixture and thus lowers the combustion temperature in the cylinders.
  • This significantly reduces the concentration of harmful nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas and also minimizes the formation of soot particles, mainly relevant in diesel engines

When does the EGR valve need to be replaced?

Excess carbon deposits might lead to the need of replacing the EGR valve. Additional reasons to consider the potential replacing of the EGR valve could be a lack of pressure, power supply voltage or leaks that are directly influencing the overall performance of the EGR valve.  It is advisable to replace the EGR valve at the first sign of malfunction in order to avoid costly replacement parts and time-consuming repairs. Using a stuck EGR valve, whether in an open or closed position, can affect the service life of components directly connected to the exhaust gas recirculation system. In some situations, inadequate exhaust gas recirculation can even lead to irreparable engine damage. With EGR systems from HELLA, you benefit not only from our reliable quality, but also from our particularly extensive range.

When does the EGR valve need to be replaced?

What HELLA offers

With EGR valves from HELLA, your customers benefit not only from our reliable quality, but also from our particularly extensive range. The product range is being continuously developed. All products are supplied with installation instructions to prevent incorrect installation and possible related damage.


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