Exhaust gas temperature sensor

HELLA offers a wide and innovative portfolio of high temperature sensors covering virtually all makes and models.


The exhaust gas temperature sensor records the temperature ahead of the catalytic converter or the diesel particulate filter and sends this as a voltage signal to the engine control unit. In addition, high temperature sensors protect components in the area of ​​the hot exhaust gas flow from critical overheating. Customers benefit from lower emissions, an improved engine efficiency and optimised performance and then from the resulting lower fuel consumption.


  • Leading supplier for the independent aftermarket
  • Applications available for all European, American and Japanese makes
  • HELLA lambda sensors impress with their long service life, high reliability and optimal harmonisation with each individual type of engine
  • Customers can benefit from lower emissions, improved engine efficiency and optimised performance


Vehicle-specific spare parts

Vehicle-specific spare parts

"Easy to find" is the concept for our online catalogue. That means that you can enter the relevant vehicle using our comprehensive manufacturer list, the type designation or the engine code.


And as an added extra, we provide all key product information, such as

  • part number information,
  • installation instructions,
  • material safety data sheets and
  • OE numbers

at the same time.

Vehicle-specific spare parts

Hella catalogue app

Our catalogue app lets you find HELLA products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles quickly and easily. Intuitive user prompting will lead you to the right result in a few steps ─ an easy, straightforward process. Simply select the vehicle type, make and model, and the appropriate HELLA products will be displayed for you right away. The results are clearly presented, sorted by assembly and product group. They also allow you to view additional information, images and technical data so that you can compare products.

Library as a means of communication

In this database, you will find marketing documents such as product brochures, brief information links to HELLA websites, apps and tools, and videos. You can search the database quickly and easily by entering various keywords, e.g. product name, part number, relevant system or components, or you can simply use the drop-down filters.

Brief information

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