Spark plugs

HELLA offers a comprehensive range of spark plugs for high durability, reliability and optimum performance. All HELLA spark plugs have copper core centre electrodes that provide the utmost heat dissipation and conductivity to maintain stable operating temperatures. The metal shell of each spark plug is nickel plated to offer higher resistance against corrosion. The insulator is made of very high density silicon dioxide compound that gives maximum strength against vibrations in the engine cylinder and also prevents current leakage during sparking.


HELLA offers four types of spark plugs:


  • HELLA Energy is an OE-equivalent spark plug for spare part replacement.
  • HELLA Energy Pro has an increased lifetime.
  • The performance series HELLA Platinum and Iridium Pro offer ultimate performance and power over a longer lifetime, ideal for both spare part replacement as well as for car enthusiasts looking to upgrade their car's performance.

Making the sparks fly - reliable ignition parts from HELLA

HELLA's electronics portfolio is broadly based. The products are perfectly matched to the complexity of modern vehicles, in the interaction of all functions and components: they are characterized by the best performance, their high quality and a long service life - this also applies to wear parts in the car.
Two main components of an ignition system, the ignition coil and spark plug, cannot be missing from the HELLA portfolio. How they work and under what circumstances they need to be replaced, you can learn here in the video.
The new HELLA product video shows you how they work and which causes make replacement necessary.


  • HELLA is a global electronics expert
  • High performance and long product lifetime
  • Top quality


Vehicle-specific spare parts

Our online catalogue is all about making it easy to find parts. This means that you can, for example, enter the relevant vehicle by using our comprehensive manufacturer list, the type designation or the engine code.

And as an added extra, we provide all key product information, such as

  • part numbers,
  • installation instructions,
  • safety data sheets and
  • OE numbers

all at the same time.

Vehicle-specific spare parts

Technical product information

Technical product information

In this database, you will find technical information about our products and specific vehicle systems – prepared by experienced technicians and mechanics.

Technical product information