Three symptoms indicating a defective starter: Tips for troubleshooting starters and alternators


Since an internal combustion engine cannot start by itself, a functioning starter is essential for a roadworthy vehicle. Below, we’d also like to give you some helpful tips for troubleshooting starters and alternators.

Starter and alternator faults: rare, but not impossible

Starters are fundamentally maintenance-free and will do their job over the entire life of a vehicle. However, should they fail or malfunction, in many cases this is due to oxidised or faulty electrical connections, defective solenoid switches, damaged electric motors or worn single-pinion gears, or the driving pinion (wear or "clogging-up") or freewheel.

Three symptoms indicating a defective starter

If you notice these signs when there is a faulty start attempt, this indicates that the starter is defective: ➔ No response when actuating the ignition start switch. ➔ The starter "clacks", but does not engage. ➔ The starter audibly turns, but without driving the engine.

Approaches to searching for the cause of the failure

A starter malfunction can have different causes: Perhaps the electrical connections are faulty. A stiff or defective magnetic switch (engaging relay) could also be a possible cause. To be on the safe side, also check the electric motor for damage and take a close look at the single-pinion gears, starter pinion or freewheel. For the starter to function successfully, it must have a fault-free supply of power. Therefore, as part of the fault diagnosis, check the vehicle battery and the positive and ground supply of the starter.

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