Remote service for workshops: automotive support from a distance

If an error code appears when a new headlamp is being installed – instead of spending hours looking for the cause or even having to drive to the nearest regional authorised workshop, you can now simply ask an expert for assistance. Sounds too good to be true? Our macsRemote Service for workshops makes it possible. We can now explain to you how the digital special services work remotely, which tools you need in your workshop and how you can start using the service offered by the HELLA Gutmann Remote Centre.

How HELLA Gutmann's Remote Service works

Data or access authorisations not available? The vehicle is brand new and not yet included in the regular software of the diagnostic device? The appropriate calibration chart unavailable? Software-based, complex vehicle systems can time and again push you to your limits during the daily workshop routine. Up until now that meant this for you: in order to carry out the necessary work, you had to go to an authorised workshop. So does all this mean that good advice is going to be expensive?

But before anybody’s good mood disappears completely, just remember this: we wouldn't be the friend of independent workshops if we didn't have a practical solution for you: and here it is, the remote service for workshops! In contrast to the purely advisory assistance provided by the Technical Call Centre, the HELLA Gutmann Remote Centre, if so requested, takes over, as a service, the individual measures required for the customer's vehicle. Sounds complicated? But it isn’t at all: HELLA Gutmann's experts can use remote access to carry out coding, software activation and calibration – and they can do this on around 70 vehicle makes. In order to do this, they are in contact with you the workshop professionals and also with the vehicle and the manufacturer portal. By the way: many of our HELLA lighting solutions, such as the Matrix LED headlamp, are also compatible with the remote service.

Digital support from a distance: stable internet and a macsRemote device required

HELLA Gutmann's Remote Service for workshops is basically open to all workshops – regardless of whether they use a diagnostic device from the mega macs range. The only basic requirement is the macsRemote device with a stable internet connection (WLAN or LAN). Then, on request, a remote expert can take the required digital action on the relevant customer vehicle. In order to do this, the expert simply connects remotely to the vehicle and carries out the work. Using macsRemote Services is not subject to any contractual commitment. Anyone who has purchased the macsRemote device and registered free of charge at can straight away place an order for the first remote job. By the way: the payment of all commissioned remote single services operates according to the pay-per-use principle after invoicing.

Many HELLA lighting solutions are compatible with HELLA Gutmann's Remote Service for workshops.

Many HELLA lighting solutions are compatible with HELLA Gutmann's Remote Service for workshops.

Here’s a practical example shown step by step: placing an order for remote service

Let's assume a customer brings a vehicle into your workshop with minor front damage. It soon becomes apparent that you need to replace the HELLA Matrix LED headlamp. Actually a routine job that should be done quickly – which is what you tell your customer. But then comes the nasty surprise: the newly installed headlamp does not work. Instead, the error code "Power module, headlamp right – function faulty" is stored. And this is exactly where the remote service for workshops comes into play – this is how you proceed:

1. You connect the macsRemote device to the vehicle's OBD socket and dial up via tablet, notebook or PC by entering your user ID. The vehicle identifies itself via the VIN.
2. Select "Coding headlamps” from the list of possible measures. A fixed price is then displayed.
3. Now order the service by clicking and wait for a chat to begin.
4. A remote expert answers, asks you about the problem and will then code the HELLA Matrix LED headlamp remotely.
5. After that, you only have to adjust the headlamp and possibly delete the error memory – all done. The headlamp works, your customer gets the vehicle back on time and you save time and nerves.

Here you can find more information about the HELLA Gutmann macsRemote Service for workshops