Hella Pagid – racing one: Horsepower chase on the Nürburgring


Vrrrm, vrrrrrm! When the engines roar, the asphalt vibrates and the smell of burnt rubber is in the air, our hearts start beating faster and our pulses accelerate. As a sponsor of the Andernach-based motorsports team Hella Pagid – racing one, we have petrol in our blood.

Our race weekend, consisting of the DTM Trophy and the GTC Race at the Nürburgring, really got it pumping. Our highly decorated diva, the Hella Pagid – racing one Ferrari 458 GT3, was at the start line next to our two Audi R8 GT4 LMS. And even if things aren’t as expected, we keep stepping on the gas. In our “Behind the scenes” video, you can share in the excitement once again and get exclusive insights into our hp-heavy paddock. Start your engines!   

By the way, you can find even more images on our Hella Pagid Instagram page.