ADPA – Hella Gutmann awarded seal of quality

In order to provide fair access to automotive data and also to all manner of automotive information, the European Independent Automotive Data Publishers Association (ADPA) has set itself the goal of creating competitive conditions for independent data publishers. Within this framework, eight of the leading European companies that publish automotive data have developed a distinction system. This new seal of quality represents the commitment to "continuous use of reliable data sources and data processes at the European level". This is the thinking behind the award, as described by the ADPA.

The more modern the vehicles, the more relevant high-quality information becomes

Against the backcloth of the growing market for electric vehicles coupled with the aspect highlighting the future-oriented networking of cars, services ranging from care through maintenance right up to repairs are becoming increasingly complex and increasingly demanding. Workshops are therefore upgrading in order to keep up with this development.


Ralf Pelkmann, President of the ADPA, sums up the situation as follows: "In view of current and future developments and the ever-increasing complexity of vehicle repair and vehicle maintenance information, an extremely high standard of quality in data publication is more important than ever – and all our members live up to and do justice to this evolving trend."

Who is awarded the quality seal?

In order to join the association, the very high requirements set by the ADPA have to be met. Only those who adhere to the strict standards for data procurement are awarded the seal of approval denoting quality.


Hella Gutmann, along with the seven other holders of the seal of quality, also makes great financial and technical efforts – this is the only way to ensure that customers are guaranteed a wide variety of workshop services which are equally genuine and reliable and of the highest level.

Image: The eight holders of the ADPA seal of quality – including Hella Gutmann Solutions

A seal of quality that is of benefit for workshops and motorists

We are delighted that Hella Gutmann is being honoured for its extraordinary commitment in this way. This is more than a good sign both for our independent workshops and also for your customers, the motorists.


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