Porsche 911 (991): radiator fan error message

Data sheet
Vehicle model911 (991)
EngineAll models
Model year2011 - 05.2016
SymptomsError message: “Radiator fan error, avoid full engine load, you may continue driving”

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Porsche 911 (991): radiator fan error message

If the following message appears in the above-mentioned vehicles while driving: 


“Radiator fan error, avoid full engine load, you may continue driving”, 


this may be caused by a fault in the radiator fan. 

The radiators are located on the left and right behind the air guide grille in the bumper (Figure 1). The fans themselves can be accessed from the wheel well if the wheel well trim (Picture 2) is removed first.


Check the wiring on both fans as well as the fans themselves for penetrated moisture to resolve the situation. If there is corrosion on the connectors, for example, this is a clear indication of the cause of the error message. It is then necessary to clean the connections and, if necessary, repair them. The radiator fan may also need to be replaced.


Figures show the right-hand side of the vehicle.


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