Workshop equipment

From traditional workshop servicing to a high-tech operation, HELLA is the partner for you when you are looking for the optimum equipment. With a wide range of diagnostics and service units, we offer everything you need for the maintenance of modern vehicle electronics: Vehicle diagnostics systems, beamsetters, and a complete program for air-conditioning tools and air-conditioning service devices. With technical precision and simple operation, HELLA supports you with premium-class technology.


Hella Gutmann Solutions

What makes us who we are?

Kurt Gutmann opened his first independent workshop in 1968. There, the focus was on all types of tuning and racing, as well as customer service. Even in the early days, the workshop played host to ideas relating to turbos, systems for reducing exhaust emissions, exhaust emissions testers and diagnostic units. Gutmann Messtechnik was founded in the 1980s, and in 1995 the company launched the mega macs 55 – a green metal box that wouldn't win any prizes for design, but which was full of practical functions. It rocked the world of multi-brand diagnostics and in 1996 won the Automechanika prize for innovation. Since then, the Gutmann name has been synonymous with sophisticated technology and practical support for professionals within the world of workshops.

From the workshop, for the workshop

The merger between Gutmann Messtechnik and the family business HELLA KGaA in 2008 was the logical consequence to expand both areas of expertise. This resulted in a joint venture under the name of Hella Gutmann Solutions. With over 400 employees, the company provides workshop equipment, technology, spare parts, and technical services to bring success to over 40,000 workshops in 24 countries.


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