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Official legislation for reduced CO2 emissions and specific requirements for safety-critical systems both demand constant monitoring of the energy supply to a wide range of mechatronic and electronic loads to ensure efficiency is maintained. Micro-hybrid vehicles fitted with Start/Stop and coasting functions require smart energy management to guarantee reliable and stable operation of the vehicle electric system. This includes regulating the power flow of the generator, the electric loads, the energy storage system and the transducer that ensure the starting ability and availability of vehicle functions. Aspects such as energy-saving operation and comfort are important in this context.
Ensuring the stability of the power supply to all mechatronic components and electric loads demands a balancing of energy consumption and power resources within the energy equalisation system.
Durable, Reliable, Affordable.
Quality, durability and reliability sum up the HELLA range of automotive and commercial batteries. The HELLA range is built to the very highest specification to cope with today’s automotive electrical demands.
We have combined quality and affordability in a battery brand you can trust.
HELLA batteries provide extended life cycle through the Grid Protection Technology. Cutting-edge materials ensure the technology protects the grid until the end of the battery life and improves the battery performance. Ultra Micro-Fibres and special tissues increase plate durability by reducing the aging rate of active materials. The enveloped separators ensure for low electric resistance and each battery has an integrated computer design and reinforced container.
Compared to conventional batteries with expanded metal grids, HELLA batteries deliver longer life and stable power flow. They offer excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical performance as well as preventing grid growth and short circuits.


HELLA batteries are built to the very highest specification to cope with today’s automotive electrical demands. With three tiers the HELLA automotive 
range now has a battery to suit every application and budget whilst providing premium quality at a competitive price.

AGM Range

  • Up to 50% more starting power
  • Ideal for Start/Stop functionality
  • Cycling capability
  • Sealed Maintenance free

What is AGM?

The HELLA AGM battery offers higher cyclic stability and faster recharging than conventional lead-acid batteries, making it ideal for advanced systems with regenerative braking. 
AGM batteries have become the preferred choice for vehicle manufacturers since the introduction of Start/Stop engines, and their usage extends to various applications like Marine, RV, Solar, Audio, Power Sports, and Stand-By Power. AGM battery adoption is rapidly growing, with OE car manufacturers already using them in over 70% of new builds, expected to rise to 92% by 2020. The SLI battery market is shrinking as AGM batteries take over, and specialized intelligent chargers and equipment are now available for safe replacement.

EFB Range

  • EFB batteries reduce fuel consumption and emissions for car manufacturers.
  • Hella brings the latest OE generation of EFB batteries to the a ermarket.
  • The new Hella EFB battery supports all vehicles with high cycling requirements.
  • It excels in energy recovery and charge acceptance for cars with Start-Stop systems.
  • It also has a longer lifespan in cars with conventional powertrains

DIN / JIS Range
Hella standard range: a proven all-round battery for modern vehicles, featuring robust 3DX grid technology for better performance and longer lifespan.


HELLA commercial vehicle batteries are built specifically to power fleets, our unrivalled range will help get the job done with less downtime which in turn reduces costs.

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