PS-Fix “Park Safety Fix”

Autonomous battery-supported power source Park Safety Fix (PS-Fix) enables active illumination of
trailer without towing vehicles using existing light system. That is especially important when decoupling trailers from towing vehicles and placing them on parking lots or public roads. If only reflectors are left to mark the vehicle, the missing lighting can present a danger to other road users, especially at night.

PS-Fix can be flawlessly integrated as "Plug and Play" into the existing HELLA EasyConn wire structure of the lighting system. The core of the system is constituted by the electronics box operating the lighting system in the decoupled state. The control unit and battery packs are integrated in a 30 x 22 x 20 cm box to be mounted onto the vehicle's side.

As soon as the trailer is coupled to the towing vehicle, the PS-Fix system becomes inactive. PS-Fix gets activated whenever the power supply is interrupted. 

Switches for the individual lighting functions are situated at the HELLA PS-Fix system. Users can then make targeted use of lighting functions, such as parking and hazard warning lights. In addition, two AUX connections allow for additional special functions, such as work lights or beacons. This enables safe vehicle loading and unloading at all times.

Product Advantages

  • Autonomous battery-supported power source enabling active illumination of trailer without towing vehicles using existing light system
  • Safe loading and unloading is thereby possible at all times, also without towing vehicles

Video of PS-Fix „Park Safety Fix“

Technical Data

Operating voltage

24 V

Battery performance

18 Ah

Charge current

    10 amps
Switching functions Tail light, hazard warning signal and 2 x AUX steady plus
Housing  Powder-coated metal housing
Mounting 6-point screw mounting on left /
right of housing for direct assembly to trailer frame
  • 15-pin EasyConn pin housing for direct integration into HELLA cable system
  • 2-pin EC socket housing = AUX 1
  • 2-pin SUPERSEAL pin housing = AUX 2
Protection Against overheating and reversal polarity
Protection class IP 54
 Approved ECE-R10
Weight ~ 22 kg

Program Overview

Article number Description
8EN 340 355-001

Standard PS-Fix Box
Battery box incl. control panel and control unit

8EN 340 355-201 Standard PS-Fix Box with ADR approval
Battery box incl. control panel and control unit