Technology & Products / 05.07.2017
Technology & Products / 05.07.2017

RotaLED Compact: Robust LED Beacon Creates Strong Warning Effect

  • HELLA introduces new LED beacons for agricultural and construction machines as well as communal vehicles
  • RotaLED Compact is the lowest cost beacon in portfolio so far

Lippstadt, July 5, 2017. The lighting and electronics expert HELLA introduces RotaLED Compact, an LED successor to its existing halogen beacon series Rotafix, Rotaflex and Rota Compact. Thanks to their compact design, the beacon series are especially suitable for agricultural and construction machines as well as communal vehicles. In addition to its proven characteristics of reliability and resistance, the new RotaLED Compact beacon also offers the advantages of LED technology. LED's are for example maintenance-free and do not cause any additional costs for spare parts or maintenance. They're also especially durable. Halogen beacons have a service life of approx. 1000 to 2000 hours. LED's exceed that many times. LED technology furthermore has many additional functions. The flashing light function of the RotaLED Compact for example creates a powerful warning effect. Customers, such as agricultural machine owners can easily benefit from all these advantages, since RotaLED Compact enables easy switching from halogen to LED.

RotaLED Compact can be mounted at the identical positions to the existing halogen beacons. Rotafix, Rotaflex and Rota Compact can therefore be flexibly exchanged with RotaLED Compact. Overall, the RotaLED Compact product family offers three different assembly options: in addition to magnetic and fixed mounting, it can also be attached using flexible pipe sockets. The flexible base absorbs impacts and shocks, e.g. by branches and twigs. This will cause the beacon to bend before it returns to the original position. This reduces the damage risk during usage. A special protection mechanism helps here: the rubber base's interlocking is released during extreme inclinations of more than 30 degrees. Afterwards, the beacon can be put back in its original place by releasing three pipe socket screws. RotaLED Compact's smooth, impact-resistant light dome from polycarbonate is furthermore especially resilient against dust, dirt and impact, making it the perfect companion for use on construction sites.
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