Production & Development
Production & Development
Visual inspection of a plastic lens (Photo: HELLA)  
Working on the electric power steering system (Photo: HELLA)  
Employees on automatic assembly lines (Photo: HELLA)  
Quality control of headlamp levelers (Photo: HELLA)  
Increasingly complex: assembling a full-LED headlamp in Lippstadt. (Photo: HELLA)  
Visual quality assurance check of a headlamp cover frame (Photo: HELLA)  
Checking headlamps in the laboratory (Photo: HELLA)  
The electronics of the driving dynamics control is inserted into its housing (Photo: HELLA)  
Automated production of electronics (Photo: HELLA)  
Injection-molded plastic cover lens (Photo: HELLA)  
LED headlamps in the mounting device (Photo: HELLA)  
LED production (Photo: HELLA)  
Checking the quality of a headlamp cover frame (Photo: HELLA)  
Daniel Morfeld
Spokesperson / Media Relations
Rixbecker Str. 75
59552 Lippstadt
Phone: +49 2941 38-7566
Fax: +49 2941 38-477545
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