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Press releases
2022-01-19 Technology & Products

HELLA Black Magic LED series: Auxiliary lights now also available on the European market

  • Ideal for off-road applications with a high light output of up to 15,000 lumens
  • Two awards for best new product received in the USA

2022-01-18 Technik & Produkte

The Coolant Control Hub from HELLA: The revolution for thermal management in electric vehicles

  • HELLA combines all the necessary functions for efficient thermal management for the first time in the form of a subsystem
  • Innovative 7-way valve ensures ideal temperature of battery, components and vehicle interior at any time of the year and enables efficient heat recovery
  • Modular approach allows components to be combined according to requirements

2022-01-13 Company

HELLA presents half-year results: sales burdened by massive bottlenecks for electronic components, but develops significantly better than the automotive market

  • Currency and portfolio-adjusted consolidated sales fall in the first six months by 2.6 percent to € 3.0 billion (second quarter: -11.9 percent)
  • In the half-year period, adjusted EBIT falls to € 156 million (prior year: € 269 million); adjusted EBIT margin at 5.1 percent compared to 8.7 percent in prior year (second quarter: 4.1 percent)
  • Despite a decline in sales, the Automotive segment posts stronger development than the overall market; strong spare parts and workshop business drive positive development in the Aftermarket segment; Special Applications benefits from positive business for agricultural and construction machinery
  • The forecast for the full fiscal year 2021/2022 was already adjusted on 29 November 2021 due to the business performance to date, the expected lack of market recovery in the second half of the year and increasing cost burdens

2021-12-13 Technology & Products

Digital FlatLight from HELLA enables customizable light signatures and communication

  • Innovative FlatLight technology series is continuously being further developed 
  • Combined with SmartGlass, individually switchable light signatures as well as extended functionality can be realized.

2021-11-29 Company

HELLA publishes preliminary key figures for the second quarter of the fiscal year and adjusts company outlook for the current fiscal year due to expected lack of market recovery in the second half of the year and increasing cost burdens

  • Based on preliminary figures, Group sales decline by around 13 percent to € 1.5 billion in the second quarter of the fiscal year due to ongoing bottlenecks in the global supply and logistics chains
  • Preliminary adjusted EBIT margin falls to around 4.0 percent in the second quarter as a result of rising materials and logistics costs and increased production inefficiencies due to the materials bottlenecks
  • Sales and earnings forecast for the current fiscal year 2021/2022 is lowered further against the backdrop of the business performance to date, the expected lack of market recovery in the second half of the year, and increasing cost burdens

2021-11-23 Company

HELLA Innenleuchten-Systeme celebrates 70th anniversary

New image film provides insight into the company which is rich in tradition

2021-11-17 Technology & Products

HELLA receives innovation award for UWB-based Smart Car Access system in China

  • The access system offers the greatest possible convenience with completely hands-free vehicle access and meets the highest security standards 
  • The award focuses in particular on the innovative strength of the digital access solution

2021-11-11 Garages & Services

HELLA launches new webinar "Digitalization of Light”

  • On 16 and 23 November 2021, workshops will receive information and practical tips on lighting technologies online. 
  • Registrations are now possible via HELLA TECH WORLD.

2021-11-09 Garages & Services

Headlight adjustment devices that can do it all

  • Analogue and digital headlight setting with the lighting and diagnostic know-how of HELLA and Hella Gutmann 
  • Digital adjustment device with integrated vehicle database and headlight-specific algorithms
  • Hybrid visor for correct alignment in every situation

2021-10-22 Company

HELLA doubles production capacity at its site in Shanghai

  • Expansion of electronics plant to meet further growing demand for electronics solutions in China 
  • Workforce to be increased by up to 600 employees within the next three years

2021-10-12 Garages & Services

HELLA Collection offers fan articles and more for workshops and private customers

The joint brand shop of HELLA, Hella Gutmann and Hella Pagid is now online

2021-10-07 Technology & Products

HELLA designs characteristic light signature for the new Peugeot 308

HELLA designs characteristic light signature for the new Peugeot 308

2021-10-06 Technology & Products

HELLA SOS 360° warning lamp: compact warning light for car and motorbike

  • Easy to mount warning lamp with magnetic activation 
  • Flexible use as a torch or work lamp possible

2021-09-30 Company

HELLA Annual General Meeting 2021: Shareholders approve dividend payment of euro 0.96 per share

  • Annual General Meeting approves all items on the agenda; Management Board, Shareholder Committee and Supervisory Board were granted discharge with a large majority 
  • Subject to the current review of the offer document, the Management Board will support Faurecia's offer to acquire the additional HELLA shares.

2021-09-29 Technology & Products

A multi-talent: the new compact full LED rear lamp from HELLA

  • Five light functions realised in one rear lamp with LED technology 
  • "Glowing Body" technology provides striking tail light 
  • Dynamic LED direction indicator supports general market trend

2021-09-28 Company

HELLA with good business development in the first quarter, but massive component shortages lead to considerable burdens

  • Currency and portfolio-adjusted sales improve by 9.5 percent to € 1.5 billion in the first quarter of the fiscal year; reported sales growth of 9.6 percent 
  • Adjusted EBIT increases to € 91 million; adjusted EBIT margin at 6.2 percent 
  • Automotive segment develops significantly better than the market, but is massively impaired as a result of the component crisis; Aftermarket with strong spare parts and workshop business; Special Applications grows due to good business with agricultural machinery manufacturers and further customer groups 
  • Company outlook for fiscal year 2021/2022 lowered already on 23 September 2021 in view of significantly reduced market expectations

2021-09-23 Technology & Products

HELLA introduces new Modular Lightbar to the market for municipal vehicles

  • LED technology ensures optimum signalling effect as well as homogeneous illumination of the working area 
  • Various sets available with additional functions such as Alley Light and warning lights

2021-09-23 Company

HELLA outperformed the market in the first quarter, but the company's outlook is lowered due to significantly reduced market expectations for the current fiscal year

  • Group sales grow by 9.5 percent to € 1.5 billion in the first fiscal quarter on a preliminary basis; adjusted EBIT rise to € 91 million; adjusted EBIT margin is at 6.2 percent 
  • Significant decline in global vehicle production forecast as a result of further worsening market bottlenecks; no recovery expected in the second half of the fiscal year 
  • Sales and earnings forecast lowered against the background of significantly reduced market expectations for the current fiscal year 2021/2022

2021-09-20 Technology & Products

LED technology in the smallest space

HELLA introduces new K-LED Nano beacon to the market

2021-09-16 Garages & Services

Two awards for HELLA: best brand in the lighting technology and lighting category as well as in the headlamp adjusters category

  • Readers of PROFI Werkstatt specialist magazine voted for HELLA to claim first prize for the fifth consecutive time 
  • Hella Gutmann Solutions leaders in headlamp adjusters

2021-09-15 Company / Technology & Products

HELLA equips electric vehicle of a European premium manufacturer with lighting and electronics products

  • Innovative light strip, LED headlamps and radomes ensure a characteristic appearance of the vehicle's front end 
  • High-voltage battery management system ensures reliable function of the lithium-ion battery

2021-09-09 Company / Garages & Services

HELLA at the Automechanika Frankfurt Digital Plus

Prepare for the future with webinars

2021-09-03 Company / Technology & Products

HELLA presents innovative solutions for the mobility of the future at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich

  • HELLA contributes to emission-free mobility with innovative energy and thermal management solutions 
  • Increasing the reliability of automated driving functions with next generation 77 GHz radar sensors
  • Wide range of design and comfort options thanks to chip-based headlamp technology and new FlatLight combination rear lamp concept 
  • Hands-free vehicle access thanks to HELLA Smart Car Access with ultra-wideband technology

2021-08-26 Company / Technlogy & Products

HELLA receives further series orders for innovative chip-based headlamp system

  • Consistently further developed: HELLA brings the next generation of chip-based headlamp technology Digital Light SSL | HD to the road 
  • Highly scalable: world's first asymmetrical headlamp concept realized

2021-08-24 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid extends range of brake discs for Mercedes models

  • One-piece high-carbon and coated grey cast iron brake discs for Mercedes models in countries outside the EU 
  • An economical and reasonably priced solution for selected Mercedes models

2021-08-23 Technology & Products

HELLA is going to the Caravan Salon 2021 equipped with many product innovations

• The LEDayFlex III modular lighting system celebrates its première at the trade fair • Glowing body and EdgeLight technologies provide the basis for further innovations • A comprehensive electronics portfolio can be experienced at the HELLA trade fair stand

2021-08-19 Company

HELLA largely recovers pandemic-related losses in fiscal year 2020/2021 and significantly improves sales and earnings

  • Consolidated sales up by 13.3 percent on a currency and portfolio-adjusted basis to € 6.5 billion 
  • Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes more than doubled to € 510 million; adjusted EBIT margin at 8.0 percent 
  • Company management proposes dividend of € 0.96 per share 
  • Automotive segment grows more strongly than the global automotive market; good development in the independent aftermarket stimulates Aftermarket business; Special Applications records strong business with agricultural machinery manufacturers 
  • Despite the still challenging market environment, HELLA is confident about the current fiscal year

2021-08-14 Company

HELLA and Faurecia agree to combine their businesses: Partnership opens additional growth potential

  • Faurecia acquires the 60 percent stake from the pool shareholders of HELLA and announces tender offer to acquire the remaining HELLA shares for € 60 per share 
  • Combination of the two companies creates 7th largest global automotive supplier and a global market leader in high-growth technology areas
  • HELLA focus areas to continue significant investment in research and development and to retain a high degree of operative responsibility 
  • Management, Shareholders’ Committee and Supervisory Board welcome the transaction

2021-08-05 Company

Cobots and artificial intelligence: HELLA continues to drive forward smart automation in lighting production

  • There will be 1,000 collaborative robots used in total worldwide, half of which are already implemented 
  • Efficiency and quality levels are further increased by using the latest production technologies

2021-08-04 Company

IAA Mobility 2021: Experience HELLA's lighting and electronics innovations on site and digitally

  • The focus of HELLA's presentation in Munich will be on solutions relating to electromobility, automated driving, digital light and software. 
  • HELLA expands trade fair presence with new digital presentation and communication formats

2021-07-29 Technology & Products

Research project "INITIATIVE": HELLA develops concepts for light-based communication for automated driving

  • The research project focuses on the question of how self-driving cars can communicate with pedestrians and cyclists 
  • Possible forms of communication are tested under real conditions on a connected test site

2021-07-28 Company

HELLA continues to grow more rapidly than the automotive market even in a challenging market environment

  • According to preliminary figures, currency and portfolio-adjusted sales grew by 13.3 percent to € 6.5 billion in fiscal year 2020/2021
  • At € 510 million, adjusted earnings before interest and taxes were more than twice as high as in the prior year; adjusted EBIT margin was 8.0 percent

2021-07-26 Garages & Services

"Best Brand": HELLA wins ETM Reader Award

Commercial vehicle professionals vote HELLA the most popular brand in the lighting category for the eleventh time in a row

2021-07-20 Garages & Services

Cyber Security Management for all mega macs-Users

  • Delay-free diagnostics of secured vehicles 
  • Activations for several vehicle brands currently without additional costs 
  • One single authentication at Hella Gutmann instead of in each OE portal 
  • Applicable instantly without waiting time after registration 
  • Almost 2,000 access unlocks of secured vehicles in a period of six weeks

2021-07-14 Company

Moody's raises outlook for HELLA and reaffirms Baa1 rating

  • Keeping of the corporate rating reflects, among other things, faster economic recovery from the effects of the Corona pandemic
  • Strong financial position and expected improvement in profitability and cash flow lead to stable outlook

2021-07-07 Company

HELLA is once again recognized by General Motors as Supplier of the Year

For the third time in a row, HELLA is among the award winners and receives the award in two categories at once this year

2021-07-01 Technik & Produkte

Key component for automated driving: HELLA launches latest generation of steering electronics on the market

Series production of steering control modules as fail operational system successfully started

2021-06-29 Technik & Produkte

HELLA and Farasis Energy agree on a strategic partnership

The focus of the cooperation is to offer a modular platform for battery management systems to be used in electric vehicles

2021-06-24 Company / Technology & Products

HELLA and Evergrande intensify cooperation

New joint venture HELLA Evergrande Electronics develops and produces high-voltage battery management systems for the Chinese automotive market

2021-06-23 Technik & Produkte

CLAAS honours HELLA as "Supplier of the Year 2020"

Agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS pays special tribute to HELLA's high innovative strength

2021-06-17 Technology & Products

HELLA launches new S-series work lamps on the market

  • Simple, steady and streamlined: the new work lamp series offers innovative LED technology at the best value for money
  • Further model and illumination variants are already in development

2021-06-16 Technology & Products

HELLA strengthens position in radar technology through cooperation with Swedish Tech Company for waveguide antennas

  • HELLA signs license and development agreement with Gapwaves and acquires 10 percent of the company's shares
  • Integration of Gapwaves antenna technology to support development of high-performance radar solutions for automated driving functions
  • Start of series production of the latest generation of radar sensors based on 77 GHz planned for 2024

2021-06-08 Technology & Products

HELLA: New full-LED rear lamp for 24 V truck and trailer

  • Customisable and durable full-LED rear lamp creates high recognition value on the road 
  • Patented LED light curtain ensures high level of safety and visibility 
  • Pioneering concept enables adaptation of sensor technology

2021-06-01 Technology & Products

HELLA launches digital car key with ultra-wideband technology

  • HELLA Smart Car Access offers the greatest possible convenience using completely hands-free, smartphone-based vehicle access
  • UWB-based system solution will go into series production within the next two years
  • Independent market test highlights safety of HELLA's technology

2021-05-20 Technology & Products

HELLA presents innovative electronic solutions at JSAE 2021

  • 48V DC/DC Converter is specially designed for mild hybrid vehicles of higher performance classes
  • Innovative Interior Monitoring enables reliable child presence and seat occupancy detection

2021-05-05 Technik & Produkte

HELLA brings latest 77GHz radar technology for passenger cars into series production

  • Innovative 77GHz radar sensors from HELLA are core components for automated driving 
  • Automotive supplier further expands position in radar sensor technology with numerous major orders

2021-05-05 Company

HELLA wins 2021 Manufacturing Leadership Award

  • Award recipient for Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Leadership
  • Video AI analytics used to understand and improve efficiency and productivity on manufacturing line

2021-04-29 Technik & Produkte

"The vehicle interior is increasingly boosting its feel-good factor"

HELLA creates the perfect ambience for luxury class limousine

2021-04-27 Company / Technology & Products

HELLA contributes innovative modular LED headlamp technology to the all-new 2021 Bronco Sport

  • HELLA created a full LED projector headlamp that increased total lumen performance
  • Worked with the Bronco team to deliver the iconic round headlamp design
  • Adds another successful application of the modular lighting system to the portfolio with the bi-functional projector module

2021-04-26 Company

Auto Shanghai 2021: HELLA intends to continue successful business development in China

Sales to be more than doubled within the next five years based on the established "In China, for China" strategy

2021-04-22 Technology & Products

Future market of electromobility: HELLA expands market position

  • Automotive supplier develops power electronics for all drive concepts 
  • Important orders for key components in the field of 48-volt mild hybridization from renowned automobile manufacturers acquired 
  • Development activities for high-voltage applications intensified

2021-04-20 Technology & Products

Auto Shanghai 2021: HELLA presents indispensable technologies for the mobility of the future

  • Battery and power electronics for all electrification stages 
  • Smart Car Access for hands-free vehicle access 
  • The latest lighting technologies for the premium and volume segments

2021-04-19 Company

HELLA Named a 2021 Automotive News PACE Awards Finalist

HELLA’s first of its kind Brake System Sensor advances to the finalist stage of the PACE Awards.

2021-04-14 Company

HELLA significantly improves earnings in a challenging industry environment

  • Coronavirus pandemic and bottlenecks in global supply and logistics chains hamper industry development 
  • Currency and portfolio-adjusted consolidated sales decrease slightly by 0.3 percent to € 4.7 billion in the first nine months of the current fiscal year
  • Thanks to consistent cost management, adjusted earnings before interest and taxes increase by 10.1 percent to € 373 million; adjusted EBIT margin rises to 8.0 percent
  • At € 312 million, reported EBIT stands at the prior-year level; reported EBIT margin comes to 6.7 percent 
  • Automotive segment achieves slight growth in the third quarter; Aftermarket sees significant rise in profitability; Special Applications returns to sales growth due to strong agricultural machinery business 
  • Company outlook substantiated to the upper half of the forecast ranges raised in December despite increasing market uncertainties

2021-03-31 Company

A round birthday: 60 years of electronics production in Hamm

Made in Westphalia: High-tech products drive automotive trends such as electrification and autonomous driving

2021-03-23 Company

Connected Mobility: HELLA Enters Collaboration with Independent Vehicle Data Provider Wejo

  • HELLA's comprehensive sensor expertise will enable Wejo to identify new use cases for connected vehicle data 
  • The collaboration aims to develop new data-based business models and further enhance the performance of HELLA's sensor portfolio 
  • HELLA Ventures acquires minority stake in Wejo

2021-03-11 Company

Digital diagnostic solutions for intelligent fleet management: HELLA and Ridecell enter into partnership

  • Hella Gutmann Solutions will integrate its cloud-based vehicle diagnostics services into Ridecell's Fleet IoT platform
  • HELLA Ventures makes a minority investment in Ridecell

2021-03-10 Company

HELLA opens new development centre in Romania

  • New building in Craiova offers state-of-the-art working conditions for the development of innovative software and electronics solutions 
  • Automotive supplier plans to create up to 250 additional jobs at the Craiova site over the next few years

2021-03-09 Garages & Services

HELLA offers another webinar for workshops

  • Concept of webinars expanded 
  • Workshops to learn the most important facts about electronics in 30 minutes

2021-03-08 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid: Product range is growing continuously

  • Expansion of the product range will lead to coverage of more than 7,000 additional vehicle applications in 2020 alone 
  • This covers almost 100 percent of the European vehicle population 
  • Hella Pagid is thus further expanding its position as the leading full-range supplier in the independent automotive aftermarket

2021-03-04 Company

HELLA aims for climate-neutral production by 2025

  • Target to be achieved through further energy savings and by switching to green electricity at all HELLA production sites worldwide 
  • Remaining and unavoidable CO2 emissions are to be offset by high-quality certified climate protection projects. 
  • By 2050 at the latest, HELLA wants to ensure a climate-neutral supply chain and consistently supply customers with CO2-neutral products.

2021-02-16 Technology & Products

HELLA expands product range for electromobility and launches low-voltage battery management system on the market

  • From summer 2024, the first company to receive the system will be a German premium manufacturer 
  • The product is being developed based on the high technological competence in high-voltage battery electronics
  • 12 and 48-volt battery management systems can be used at all electrification levels

2021-02-11 Company

Capital Markets Day 2021: HELLA confirms medium-term growth and profitability targets

  • CEO Dr. Rolf Breidenbach: "Our attractive product portfolio is the basis for us to grow more strongly than the market" 
  • Medium-term targets: annual sales growth of five to ten percent; adjusted EBIT margin of at least eight percent 
  • Continued large investments in future themes such as electromobility, automated driving, digital light and software 
  • Strengthening competitiveness through digitalisation, automation and structural adjustments

2021-02-03 Company

HELLA sells shares in joint venture Mando HELLA Electronics to partner Mando

  • Continuation of active portfolio management 
  • HELLA intends to intensify direct business with South Korean customers and serve them more strongly from its own network on a global basis 
  • Expansion of own activities in South Korea planned

2021-02-02 Company

HELLA successfully completes sale of activities in the front camera software business

Disposal is based on stringent portfolio management; large investments in automated driving to continue unchanged

2021-02-01 Company

Hella Pagid remains the main sponsor of racing one in 2021

Cooperation with motorsport team enters fourth year

2021-01-27 Technology & Products

New business sedan car equipped with HELLA lighting technology

Adaptive matrix headlamps provide better visibility

2021-01-20 Technology & Products

HELLA FlatLight: Optics smaller than a grain of salt

Innovative micro-optics technology from HELLA opens up new design possibilities and functional advantages for rear combination lamps

2021-01-14 Company

Thanks to a slight market recovery and strict cost discipline, HELLA sees good business development over the first half of the year

  • Currency and portfolio-adjusted consolidated sales decrease by 2.5 percent in the first half of fiscal year 2020/2021 to € 3.2 billion (second quarter: +4.7 percent) 
  • Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes increase to € 269 million; adjusted EBIT margin improves to 8.7 percent (second quarter: 12.1 percent) 
  • Reported EBIT is at € 94 million due to provisions relating to the programme aimed at increasing competitiveness over the long term 
  • Automotive segment with strong business development in the second quarter; Aftermarket sees significantly improved profitability; Special Applications' sales at prior-year level 
  • Guidance for the full fiscal year 2020/2021 has already been raised in December despite continuing market uncertainties

2021-01-06 Technology & Products

HELLA sets rear of the Polestar 2 electric vehicle in scene

  • Continuous full LED rear lamp consisting of almost 300 LEDs extends across the entire width of the vehicle 
  • New lighting animations can be implemented via software update

2020-12-17 Company / Technology & Products

HELLA wins innovation award for "Light Design" approach in China

Automotive supplier receives award for innovative overall approach consisting of matrix LED headlamps, electronics for light control, sensor technology and software

2020-12-15 Technology & Products

RokLUME 280N SMART: Intelligent work lamp for mining, construction and forestry machines

Individual light settings increase operator safety, health and productivity when working

2020-12-10 Garages & Services

Vehicle diagnostics with X advantages

  • Highly flexible diagnostic solution mega macs X from Hella Gutmann 
  • Modular device concept with separate display/control unit 
  • Individually configurable function and data modules

2020-12-10 Garages & Services

ADAS Calibration Digital

  • Hella Gutmann expands product range with CSC-Tool Digital 
  • Calibration targets for front cameras and any information simply beamed onto the screen 
  • Fast expansion with the latest vehicle models 
  • App-supported alignment process

2020-12-07 Company

HELLA closes the second quarter better than expected according to preliminary data and raises the forecast for the full year

  • Currency- and portfolio-adjusted group sales in the second quarter grow, compared to the previous fiscal year, by 4.4 percent to around EUR 1.8 billion (first half of fiscal year 2020/2021: increase by -2.7 percent to around EUR 3.2 billion) 
  • Positive market development and strict cost management leads to increase of adjusted EBIT margin to 12.1 percent in the second quarter (first half of fiscal year 2020/2021: 8.7 percent) 
  • In view of the business development to date, despite high market uncertainties in the second half of the year, the forecast for the full fiscal year 2020/2021 will be raised 
  • Continuation of the program to strengthen competitiveness in the long term is still absolutely necessary, due to reduced market volumes in the medium term and increasingly intense competition

2020-12-01 Company / Technology & Products

HELLA receives Innovation Award in China for battery module solutions

Industry Developing & Innovation Award recognizes PowerPack 48 Volt and Dual Voltage Battery Management System as key enablers for CO2 savings in mild hybrids

2020-11-25 Garages & Services

HELLA presents new aftermarket image video

Positioning as partner of the wholesale trade and friend of the independent workshop is to be further strengthened

2020-11-19 Company

HELLA strengthens its market position in the field of car body lighting

  • Important orders received from premium and volume manufacturers because of comprehensive system competence
  • Advancing electrification opens up new design options

2020-11-17 Company

HELLA wants to more strongly address the Indian growth market for two and three-wheelers

New company HELLA eMobionics is intended to promote innovative product solutions for electric rickshaws, among other things

2020-11-11 Company

HELLA further expands its electronics plant in Lithuania

  • Production capacities of the plant are continuously expanded in view of the increasing demand for electronic components
  • Building area to be initially increased to around 22,000 square metres in the next expansion phase

2020-11-05 Technology & Products

Flat Mounting Solution: HELLA launches compact work lamp series

  • For mounting situations with little space: New work lamp enables flat mounting on the vehicle wall
  • Homogeneous illumination: Better visibility of the working area around the vehicle

2020-09-30 Company

Dr. Lea Corzilius becomes a member of the HELLA Management Board

With Lea Corzilius, an HR expert from the company's own ranks will take over as Deputy Managing Director for the HR department on 1 October 2020

2020-09-29 Company

HELLA sells front camera software business to Volkswagen's Car.Software Org

  • Transaction expected to lead to extraordinary income in the range of approximately € 100 million
  • About half of HELLA Aglaia's employees will transfer to the Car.Software Org of Volkswagen
  • Other business activities of HELLA Aglaia not affected by transaction; role as competence centre for software further strengthened
  • Strict portfolio management continues with sale; HELLA continues to invest in technologies for automated driving

2020-09-25 Company

HELLA Annual General Meeting decides to suspend dividend payment

  • CEO Dr. Rolf Breidenbach: "We want to keep the company as strong as possible and sustainably safeguard our financial flexibility going forward"
  • Shareholders approve all items on the agenda; actions of the management, Shareholder Committee and Supervisory Board approved by a large majority
  • 500 Shareholders and guests follow virtual Annual General Meeting; 86 percent of voting share capital represented

2020-09-24 Company

HELLA begins new fiscal year better than expected

  • Covid-19 pandemic continues to hamper industry development; consolidated sales after currency and portfolio adjustments decrease in the first three months by 10.6 percent to € 1.4 billion
  • Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes fall to € 56 million; adjusted EBIT margin is 4.2 percent
  • The first quarter closes with a reported EBIT of minus € 115 million due to provisions for restructuring measures in Germany (€ 169 million)
  • Automotive segment affected by drop in light vehicle production; Aftermarket with strong workshop business; Special Applications benefits from increased sales in the agricultural machinery business
  • Outlook for the current fiscal year 2020/2021 confirmed

2020-09-15 Company

HELLA takes over plastics technology expert FWB

Supply chain to be secured sustainably by transaction and FWB to be developed as an independent company

2020-09-10 Garages & Services

Calibration, without ifs or buts

  • Hella Gutmann combines the CSC-Tool SE with a new Wheel Alignment Kit
  • Fast checking and setting
  • Measurement of toe, toe difference angle, camber, caster, spread, driving axle angle and toe-in curve

2020-09-09 Company

HELLA strengthens software competencies by founding new Global Software House

  • Automotive supplier employs around 2,000 software experts worldwide
  • The new organisational unit will align software activities across the company and develop digital business models

2020-09-07 Company

Aftermarket and Special Applications under new management

  • Stefan van Dalen is responsible for international spare parts and workshop business
  • Christoph Söhnchen is the new Executive Manager for the Special Applications business segment

2020-09-03 Technology & Products

Major order from Chinese original equipment manufacturer: Integrated lighting system solution from HELLA

The "Light Design" package includes all components for complex lighting systems: matrix LED headlamps, light control electronics and sensor technology

2020-09-02 Technology & Products

HELLA implements 24 GHz radar sensor technology in the Suzuki Swift and Swift Sport

Technology supports safety-relevant driver assistance functions, such as "Blind Spot Monitor" and "Rear Cross Traffic Alert"

2020-08-25 Technology & Products

HELLA launches new full LED high beam headlamps for trucks

  • EdgeLight position light guarantees distinctive lighting design
  • Lightweight with impact-resistant housing
  • Fatigue-free driving thanks to illumination similar to daylight

2020-08-21 Garages & Services

mega macs diagnostics on Android devices

  • Hella Gutmann responds to increasing trend towards tablet usage in modern workshops
  • The same in-depth diagnosis as mega macs 42 SE and mega macs PC

2020-08-14 Company

HELLA presents final figures for the fiscal year 2019/2020

  • Consolidated sales adjusted for currency and portfolio effects fall by 14.3 percent to € 5.8 billion, adjusted earnings before interest and taxes fall to € 233 million, adjusted EBIT margin stands at 4.0 percent
  • Reported EBIT comes to minus € 343 million due to non-cash impairments; dividend payment to be suspended
  • Adjusted free cash flow from operating activities at € 227 million despite the clearly negative market environment
  • Automotive sales fall significantly, but continue to perform better than the market; Aftermarket impacted by market weakness in the workshop and spare parts business; Special Applications impacted by weak business for agricultural and construction vehicles and also by the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Forecast for current fiscal year 2020/2021 reflects the high level of market uncertainty and lower light vehicle production

2020-07-28 Company

HELLA publishes preliminary annual figures as well as outlook and presents a programme to strengthen its competitiveness in the long term

  • Currency and portfolio-adjusted sales decline by 14.3 percent to € 5.8 billion in fiscal year 2019/2020 based on preliminary figures; adjusted EBIT margin comes to 4.0 percent
  • Reported EBIT amounts to minus € 343 million due to non-cash impairments of € 533 million
  • Outlook for the current fiscal year 2020/2021 reflects high market uncertainty and reduced vehicle production
  • Company management decides on a long-term programme for sustainable improvement of competitiveness

2020-07-24 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid extends its range of brake discs for BMW models

  • One-piece high-carbon and coated grey cast iron brake discs extend the product range for BMW models
  • Economical and fair value alternative for selected BMW models to existing two-piece brake discs

2020-06-26 Company

HELLA Recognized by General Motors as a 2019 Supplier of the Year Winner

Over thirty years of successful cooperation between General Motors and HELLA

2020-06-19 Company

HELLA and MINTH establish new joint venture in China

  • HELLA and MINTH will cooperate to meet increasing demand for radar-transparent covers (radomes) and illuminated logos
  • Joint venture will be funded by both partners in equal shares and is scheduled to start operations in autumn 2020

2020-06-15 Company

Moody's confirms Baa1 rating for HELLA

  • Retention of rating reflects effective cost control approach and strong liquidity position of the company
  • Outlook remains negative due to high uncertainties in the industry environment

2020-05-25 Company

HELLA specifies outlook for the current fiscal year 2019/2020 due to consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Group sales for the current fiscal year 2019/2020 to be expected in the range of approximately 5.7 to 5.8 billion Euro; adjusted EBIT margin of approximately 4 percent being forecast
  • Worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has severe negative consequences for the global car production; volume in the medium to long-term will be significantly lower than the planning assumptions and market expectations made prior to the Corona crisis
  • Current crisis as well as medium to long-term decreasing market volume will likely cause non-cash extraordinary impairments of approximately 500 million Euro being recognized in the fourth quarter of 2019/2020
  • Suspension of dividend payment for fiscal year 2019/2020 proposed by the management board

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