Technology & Products
Technology & Products
DCDC Converter, Energy management (Photo: HELLA)  
Body Control Modules (Photo: HELLA)  
Doorhandle Electronics (Photo: HELLA)  
Cooling Valve Actuator for independent control of coolant flow (Photo: HELLA)  
Rain-Light-Sensor for rain, sun load, humidity and temperatur detection to control e.g. wiper system, headlights or air conditioning automatically (Photo: HELLA)  
Mercedes E-Class headlamps showing low beam. (Photo: HELLA)  
Matrix LED headlamps with glare-free high beam in an Audi A8 (Photo: HELLA)  
BMW 5-series combination rear lamp (Photo: HELLA)  
Combination rear lamp with mirror-tunnel optics on a Citroen Picasso. (Photo: HELLA)  
Audi A4 Rear Combination Lamp with dynamic turn indicator (Photo: HELLA)  
BMW 7 series welcome light carpet based on Multi Lens-Array technology (Photo: HELLA)  
The effect of a light-based driver assistance system when driving behind another vehicle (Photo: HELLA)  
The effect of a light-based driver assistance system on oncoming traffic (Photo: HELLA)  
Increased detection distance by comparing conventional dipped beam with glare-free highbeam technology (Photo: HELLA)  
Radar systems (Photo: HELLA)  
Intelligent Battery Sensor, Energy management (Photo: HELLA)  
Key Fobs - also for Passive Entry/Go (Photo: HELLA)  
Pedal sensor (Photo: HELLA)  
Radar sensor to detect various parameters (Photo: HELLA)  
Steering Control Module for Electric Power Steering (EPS) (Photo: HELLA)  
Vacuum pump to reduce fuel consumption (Photo: HELLA)  
The oil level sensor measures the oil level in a passenger vehicle. (Photo: HELLA)  
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