Garages & Services / 21.11.2019
Garages & Services / 21.11.2019

CSC-Tool – The Evolving Modular System

  • Calibrating camera, radar and LiDAR systems
  • Stationary CSC-Tool or CSC-Tool Mobile
  • Stationary or mobile leveling plate system

Ihringen, November 2019. With the current diagnostic tools of the mega macs series and the CSC-Tool (camera and sensor calibration tool), the Hella Gutmann product portfolio fulfills all the requirements for calibrating advanced driver assistance systems. As to precision, they even exceed manufacturers' specifications. The calibration function in the software of both mega macs and CSC-Tool is continuously adapted to new vehicles.

In 2019, the number of manufacturer-specific reference panels for front camera calibration increased to 20. This means that the tool now covers 25 common brands. Additional reference panels for all-round vision systems take account of increasingly diverse systems. Another interesting new feature: For the first time, an image panel covering the entire width of the vehicle makes it possible to calibrate the new laser scanners (LiDAR) on Audi models. These innovative optical sensors are equipped with a significantly larger measuring range and greater accuracy than radar sensors and could soon replace the latter in many vehicles.

However, not only the sensors themselves have evolved, their location in the vehicle has also changed. The radar sensors of SUVs and pickups for example are placed higher than in other passenger vehicles. The CSC-Tool can be easily adapted to these new conditions by means of a hardware upgrade.

The transition to the second evolutionary stage of the CSC-Tool takes place via the new system mount 'Radar Kit I EVO'. The system mount forms the technical basis for the stepless vertical movement of the new angular adjustment plate 'EVO'. This radar reflector is required for calibrating front radar systems across the market. Thanks to this innovation, positioning at almost any height in front of the vehicle is possible. Handling is also comparatively faster.

In addition to the exact positioning of the reference panel or radar reflector, a level surface for the vehicle is another requirement for correct ADAS calibrations. Otherwise – as with headlight adjustment – detection range deviations will occur and tolerance ranges are only just complied with or not at all. This source of error can be ruled out by using the leveling plates from Hella Gutmann which are mounted on the workshop floor.

With the multipart, mobile leveling plate system, Hella Gutmann offers a convenient complement for workshops using the portable CSC-Tool Mobile. Both systems were specifically designed with regard to mobility and can be mounted by only one person. They are much lighter than the stationary workshop tools whilst guaranteeing the same precision. The mobile leveling plate system is designed for a maximum wheel load of 1,250 kg and can be freely positioned on rubber mats in around 10 minutes by using special leveling segments.
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