Garages & Services / 16.08.2016
Garages & Services / 16.08.2016

'All-round vision tool'

When it comes to calibration and high-precision adjustment of camera and radar sensors for monitoring vehicle surroundings, Hella Gutmann has the ideal solution: the CSC-Tool - an 'all-round vision calibration tool' which is perfectly suited for workshop application.

Ihringen, Germany, August 16, 2016. Three years after its market launch, the modular system of the CSC-Tool from Hella Gutmann has matured into becoming a complete solution for the high-precision, high-tech sensors used in vehicles. These sensors increasingly supply the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with all-round vision data. In addition to the front cameras, the tool is equally well suited for calibrating and adjusting radar systems, exterior mirror cameras and rearview cameras. In brief, the tool is indispensable for work on systems whose sensors must be aligned precisely with the thrust line.


Safety-related ADAS, which require correct camera and radar-based information in order to function, have already gained traction in the compact vehicle segment. One example is the emergency brake assistant in the Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1. As a result, not only workshops specializing in bodywork and glass are faced with the new challenges that come with high-tech sensors.


High-precision measuring technology in a workshop-friendly package

Hella Gutmann is able to meet this increasing demand from all types of workshops: the CSC-Tool has been upgraded and now represents a universal solution geared to real workshop needs. The number of reference panels will soon cover 9 manufacturer-specific targets: two radar kits, one additional wheel alignment set for checking the thrust line and practical clip-on measuring tapes further enhance the value of the tool. The high-quality protective covers provide long-term protection in harsh day-to-day workshop conditions. What's more, new brands and models are constantly added to the mega macs software which means that workshops with a diagnostic tool from the current mega macs series and the CSC-Tool are equipped to work on the ADAS of almost every vehicle currently popular in Europe. The operator is guided safely through the vehicle-specific work steps at all times. Once calibration is completed successfully, it is documented with the time and date - offering the workshop that extra bit of security, just in case it is needed.
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