Garages & Services / 16.08.2016
Garages & Services / 16.08.2016

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Two semi-automatic units for the quick change of synthetic brake fluids enhance the Hella Gutmann product range.

Ihringen, Germany, August 16, 2016. When it comes to brake fluid replacement, a lot has changed since the obsolete manual method with a clear hose and bottles to modern-day workshop units: state-of-the-art electrohydraulic brake service units neatly drain, fill and bleed hydraulic brake and clutch systems by means of pulsating pressurisation. Containers, which are permanently connected to the unit, hold pumped-out and new fluid and ensure clean working practices.


Now, two new brake service units from Hella Gutmann Solutions are setting new standards: the compact BMA Tool and the mobile BMB Tool work semi-automatically and fantastically fast. With a single hand movement, the entire system including the brake cylinders on all four wheels can be bled simultaneously - making brake servicing an enjoyable and efficient process.


Generally, both units can be used for synthetic brake fluids with classifications DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1. Both units have an infinitely variable electric piston pump (0–2.8 bar), which is used to generate pulsating pressure waves. With respect to its flow rate and associated flow pressure, it is optimally designed for foam-free filling of brake systems. Both units also have interesting safety features like a warning if the operating pressure is too low and an automatic limit switch during air intake.


With an empty weight of around 6 kg, the BMA Tool can house commercially available 5 l containers. The 3.5 m filling hose allows for easy access to vehicles on a lifting platform. Thanks to its compact design, the BMA Tool is also ideally suited for mobile use and for motorcycle workshops. At the same time, its height of around 850 mm and the 5 m hose make the mobile BMB Tool a very ergonomic workshop unit. It houses containers between 5 and 20 l and a holder for the bleeder bottle. An adapter for most European vehicles and a conical cap with gripper grooves for connecting the containers are part of the standard scope of supply for both units.
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