Garages & Services / 15.09.2016
Garages & Services / 15.09.2016

Automechanika: HELLA presents innovations in work lights

High-powered work lights and new technologies for working safely and efficiently // LED technology ensures low energy consumption

Lippstadt, September 15, 2016. The lighting expert HELLA is constantly expanding its product range of LED work lights. Just in time for the start of autumn, the company will be presenting its latest work lights at Automechanika, the leading international trade fair for the automobile industry, which takes place in Frankfurt am Main from September 13 to 17, 2016 (hall 3, booth D91). These products include the high-powered work light Ultra Beam LED Generation II and Oval 90 LED Generation II, as well as two new products in the Thermo Pro series. HELLA has also developed the RokLUME 380 work light with ZEROGLARE technology specifically for the mining sector.


In 2014, an LED variant was added to the globally best-selling Ultra Beam range of worklights. Now the second generation is being launched on the market, which – measured at 4,000 lumens – even surpasses xenon work lights. Thanks to its luminous efficiency, the Ultra Beam LED Generation II uses just 56 watts. The Oval 90 LED Generation II, with an energy consumption of only 60 watts, can even achieve a light output of 4,300 lumens. A multi-facet reflector and a curved cover lens guide the light in terms of width and ensure homogenous illumination.


At the trade fair, HELLA will be presenting the Oval 100 LED Thermo Pro and the Q90 compact LED from the Thermo Pro LED work light series. The housings on all Thermo Pro products are made from a thermally conductive plastic. They are therefore fully corrosion-resistant. This is an advantage particularly for agricultural and construction works, as well as in gritting vehicles. With a light output of 1,700 lumens, at an energy consumption of 25 watts, the Oval 100 LED is perfect for replacing old halogen work lights (H3, H9). And for the first time, it is also available with a pivot fastening on the side which affords additional adjustment options during assembly.


With a light output of 1,000 lumens, at an energy consumption of just 15 watts, the Q90 compact LED is also suitable for replacing old halogen work lights, and is highly versatile.


For applications that require a great deal of illumination, HELLA will be presenting the RokLUME 380 work light. The luminous efficiency of up to 7,800 lumens offers more than twice as much light as a comparable xenon headlight, thereby practically turning night into day. It features five different illumination variants, including the ZEROGLARE variant with which HELLA has introduced a technology from the automotive industry into the mining sector. The ZEROGLARE system specifically aims light from the LEDs towards the ground in front of the vehicle, creating a very clear-cut cut-off line between light and dark. This means that drivers of oncoming vehicles are not dazzled, thus increasing safety enormously.


The Module 50 LED Spot is a new product in the existing Module 50 series and is used as a warning light. Due to its compact dimensions, the Module 50 LED is particularly well-suited for installation situations with little space, such as in forklifts. The Module 50 LED is available in the colors green, red, and blue. Special lens optics focuses the light beams from the colored LEDs and projects a circular warning point on the ground. This provides an early visual warning to vehicles or pedestrians about an oncoming vehicle.

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