Data Protection
A warm welcome to the HELLA Group

We are delighted that you are visiting our website and would like to thank you for the interest you are showing in our company, our products and our online information.

HELLA respects your privacy

As the operator of these web pages, HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA takes the issue of protecting data privacy very seriously. Protecting your privacy when processing personal information and the security of all commercial information is an important matter for us and we value these objectives in our business processes. We handle personal information collected during your visit to our website confidentially and according to legal regulations. Data privacy and information security are part of our company policy.
Our web pages may contain links to third-party providers to which this statement on data pri-vacy does not apply. We do not have any control over whether the operators of such sites comply with data privacy regulations.

Personal information

Personal information is information that can be used to discover your identity. This includes your name, street address, mailing address and telephone number. This does not include in-formation that cannot be tied to your identity (such as the number of users on a website).

Obtaining, saving and processing personal information

Whenever you visit the pages on our website, we save the name of your Internet Service Pro-vider (or 'ISP'), the website from which you arrived at ours, the pages that you visit while with us and the date and duration of your visit. Other personal information about you is never rec-orded. This means you can always use our website without disclosing your identity.
Additional information may be collected and saved if you wish to visit specific areas of our website or take part in specific promotions. We will notify you of the reason for collecting the corresponding data in each case if this occurs.
It may be necessary to specify personal information in order to participate in a survey, transmit an inquiry or enter into a contract.
A special login is necessary to access some specific areas of our website. This requires asking for your name and/or other personal information for registration and/or login. For areas such as Hella TechWorld and the Hella Aftermarket Club that appeal to a specific target group, we use the registration to identify which target group users belong to. You are free to choose whether to enter this information. Information must be entered for some actions, such as re-trieving specific information. You can identify information that is required by the accompany-ing asterisk indicating that the content is a mandatory field. Any other information being re-quested that is not marked as a mandatory field is voluntary information.

Use and dissemination of personal information and specificity to intended purpose

We use your personal information for the technical administration of web pages, customer management, product surveys and marketing and only to the extent allowed and required for each specific case. We will never transmit your information to third parties outside the HEL-LA Group of Companies without your consent, especially not for advertising purposes. You can find an overview of the HELLA Group at
If required by law or court order, we will transmit your information to the authorities entitled to receive such information.

Use of cookies

Information about cookies
A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device when visiting a web page and helps to identify your device in the process. Cookies are used to store information when you visit different pages of a homepage or when you return to a homepage. Cookies do not contain any personal information and cannot execute any programs that could activate a virus.

Cookies of this category are stored on the device of the visitor so that the homepage can function as intended.

Cookies of this category are used to collect statistics of persons visiting the homepage to improve the experience of the visit. Data collected is used internally and is not transferred to third parties.

Change settings

Web browsers are usually configured to accept cookies automatically. However, you can pre-vent cookies from being saved or configure your web browser to notify you when cookies are being sent.

Web tracking

We employ the services of Webtrends Inc., 851 SW 6th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97204, USA ( to carry out statistical evaluations. As a U.S.-based company, Webtrends has become affiliated with the EU-US Privacy Shield to ensure a level of data protection that is similar to that found in Europe.

As part of visiting the pages on our website, the information that your browser sends is collected and evaluated. This collection process takes place by way of pixels (web beacons) that are integrated on the web pages as well as through the use of cookies.

Collected data is used to create anonymous usage profiles that serve as the basis for web statistics. Individual users are not personally identified, however, nor is the data collated with other data.

You can prevent data from being collected and saved at any time by changing the settings of your Internet browser. This setting will also be recognised during any subsequent visits. To do this, you must access your browser's settings area and configure the browser to block or reject third-party cookies.

This website uses PIWIK PRO Cloud, a web analysis service provided by PIWIK. PIWIK PRO Cloud uses cookies – text files saved on your computer or smartphone to help us analyse how visitors are using the website. The information compiled by the cookies concerning visitors' use of the website is saved and processed by PIWIK on servers in Germany.
IP addresses are fully anonymised before we are able to view the collated data via the PIWIK Suite. It is not possible to reverse the anonymisation of the IP addresses or match up the IP addresses with the collated data.
We use this information to evaluate the behaviour of visitors to our website, create corresponding reports, and ultimately to improve the website experience for our website visitors. PIWIK will not pass this information on to third parties or use it for marketing or promotional purposes of any kind.


We implement technical and organizational security measures to protect the information col-lected from you and managed by us against tampering, loss, destruction or access by unau-thorized persons or unauthorized disclosure. Only a few, authorized persons have access to your information.
Information on our websites and the data you enter on our websites is generally transmitted unencrypted over the Internet. As a result, it is possible that third parties could view and/or access this information. We suggest taking this aspect into account when deciding if and what information you would like to transmit to us over the Internet. We use SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) for data transmission whenever possible for our portals that require registration and login.
We are continuously improving and adapting our security measures to keep up with techno-logical developments..

Elective option

We would also like to use your personal data to inform you about our products and ask you questions about them where necessary. Naturally, participation in such actions on your part is voluntary. If you do not consent to this, you can send us a message at any time to enable us to block and/or delete these details at any time. All this requires is an e-mail sent to the address shown in our Legal Notice section. You will find further information on the appropriate local website..

Information and contact

You have the right to know about your personal information that has been saved as well as the right to amend, block or delete this information. Should you, despite our attempts to keep accurate data records, find that we have saved incorrect information, we shall remedy this as soon as you have brought it to our attention. Your contact in this regard is our data protection officer.
You can also send an e-mail or letter to our data protection officer containing suggestions and complaints involving the handling of your personal information.

Data Protection Officer

Cassie van Wyk
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