Technolgy & Products / 05.10.2017
Technology & Products / 05.10.2017

New K-LED Blizzard warning light for municipal vehicles and trucks ensures safety during everyday work

  • The K-LED Blizzard warning light is replacing its predecessor, the K-LED FO
  • Various installation options offer vehicle manufacturers a great deal of flexibility
  • The warning light is resistant to water, dust, and dirt

Lippstadt, October 5, 2017. Trucks, garbage trucks, sewer cleaners, and road sweepers are in use for up to ten hours every day. Beacons with a highly visible signal effect are particularly important to ensure that the vehicle is easy to see at all times. They are also in continuous operation during long working days. The lighting and electronics expert HELLA has specifically developed its K-LED beacon series to meet these high requirements and has now extended the range to include the K-LED Blizzard.


The new warning light is replacing the K-LED FO, and these can be exchanged one-to-one. In comparison to its predecessor, the K-LED Blizzard is equipped with the latest LED technology. The K-LED Blizzard meets the requirements of IP (International Protection) Protection Class 67 and 9K, and is therefore resistant to dust and water. The electronics are protected even during treatment with high-pressure cleaners or during temporary submersion up to one meter underwater. The dome made from polycarbonate protects the warning light against impact during everyday work. The housing is also powder-coated, which makes the K-LED Blizzard particularly corrosion-resistant. Due to its polarity reversal protection, the light is fully protected against damage, even if connecting leads are swapped round. Another advantage of the new warning light is that the LEDs are particularly durable due to their low total power consumption.


With its 360° dual flashing signal, the K-LED Blizzard provides drivers and other road users with an early warning in traffic. Due to the special shell reflector and the clear dome, the light can be seen easily, even from a distance. Another benefit is the transparent design, which fits in seamlessly with any vehicle type. The beacon can be installed flexibly on the vehicle – either permanently, with magnets, or using a pipe socket. The movable base absorbs strong impacts, from branches for example, and ensures that the light always returns to its optimum position.


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